First Letter!!!

So I just got his first letter to me! I cried and was sooooo excited I ran back to my dorm and had my roommate take a picture of me with it lol. I don't know when I will ever be able to receive his letters or calls without balling, especially when he has to hang up quick. Its hard and I miss him so much. But November is coming up soon and I am so excited to see him! So proud of him. My airman gives me wings <3
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3 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I get so excited for letters. :) I carry some around with me. Oh honey, I bawl like a baby when I get a phone call from pure joy and missing. The joy always outweighs the missing, though. :) It's such an intense rush, isn't it?

aww! cant wait for my letter!! how long did it take for you to get your letter from him?? is he in texas in basic? let me know! i wanna see whos in my boyfriends flight! :) so happy for you though! that must be so exciting. i cant wait. my airman gives me wings as well <3

Ya he is in Lackland, Texas. It took about a week for me to receive mine and I am about four states away from Texas. Its the greatest feeling ever to finally see that envelope :)

Aww I bet! I can't wait. If urs came in a week then mine should be coming soon :))

Awe! That's so exciting!! :) I remember getting my first letter, I just said "oh my god" over and over. I freaked out! Then I thought "oh yeah, better actually open this!". And what he said on the inside was so much more shocking than a letter! :) Congratulations girl!

Haha thank you! I could hardly even breathe I was so excited!

And it never gets any less exciting! :)