No Phone Call Tonight :(

I guess he wasn't able to call me tonight unfortunately :( i was so excited to hear from him. i hope hes doing okay. i miss him alot. but looking at pictures and listening to music makes me cry so i cant do that. anyone else having a hard time breathing through all this? i hope he'll be able to call me sometime this week...
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I bet he will call you this weekend! thats when everyone keeps telling me that they get a phone call, in Week 2. Mine should be calliing too. He left last tuesday

What Flight is he in?

Lol I just asked u the same question on the other story! Haha he's in 331 TRS/ FLT 713. And yeah I've heard that too, that week one they really don't have time for anything so hopefully we both hear from them and it's not too emotional :(

pssh i'm gonna cry like a baby lol i know i wont be able to help it but I know that it will keep me going until i hear from him again!

Oh yeah I'm gonna cry too :/ I know I'll have to be strong for him but it's gonna be so hard. And yeah, hopefully his phone call will make me more happy than sad

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Yep :( it's hard going but we will all get through it x

Yeah, eventually we will. So that's something to look forward to :)

Exactly we will get there. Look forward to seen your love x

Oh I am :) you too!


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YES!!! it is so hard at times, thank god he was able to call me tonight, i hadn't talked to him in over a week, im so excited for graduation though, i just have to keep thinking it's almost here!!! and it gets me through the hard time of missing him so much. ya music doesn't help if it reminds you of him. hang in there it will be ok!

you're so lucky he called you! i cant wait to hear from him. me too! i keep imagening being with him again for graduation and it makes me so happy :) thank you so much! you too!

ya same here!!! i think about it all the time, when i get to see him again after so long its going to be great! that is why i want these weeks to fly by so i don't have to wait so long!!!

yeah i know! i really hope they go by fast for us! its so hard being with someone for so long, talking to them all day everyday, and then just quitting cold turkey. u cant ween off of it. u just have to stop and hope u adjust to it. which sucks..but its getting easier i guess. when did urs leave?

He left Aug 20th so his graduation is coming up on the 18th of October, i havent met anyone on here yet that has someone graduation that day which kinda sucks,. i thought it would be nice to know someone on here who did. oh well, i just cant wait to go!

Oh wow so ur almost there! So happy for you! I still have awhile :/ and unfortunately I'm not gonna be able to go to my boyfriends graduation :(

aww really why not????

It just so happens that a school trip I've already paid for is the exact same dates as the graduation -__- and the best part? I'm going to San Antonio Texas for the school trip. So I'll be 30 minutes away from him probably and won't even be able to see him :(

aww im sorry that's not cool, i am planning on driving there, it's a 13 hour drive so iam going to be exahusted! im sorry you can't go :(

oh wow yeah itll probably take a few days to get there too right? but you'll be so happy when you see him! thank you :/ i'll be alright,

well im planning on leaving here at 4:00 AM and we will get there around 5 or 6 PM so we can check into the hotel. then attend on friday through sunday

oh okay well that'll be more fun and exciting than exhausting! you'll be so happy!

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Chin up! He will call I promise. And no news is good news. Is he in Basic right now?

thank you for your support :)) i hope so :/ yes, he left september 18th so im still trying to get used to the whole not having him thing :(

The first few weeks are pretty terrible. Adjusting, the sting of missing him, not hearing from him. But it does get so much better I promise! Pretty soon the days will start flying by. Keep yourself busy! Hang out with friends, pick up a new hobby, and set goals for yourself to complete while he's at basic.

yeah, its been pretty rough so far :( i really hope they fly by! i cant wait to see him. what keeps me going is the fact that i have so much to look forward to. he'll be back soon and ill get to hug and kiss him again :) and my brother is coming home for christmas as well from Malaysia! so im super excited. i just wish i could breathe again. haha im trying my best to always go out with my mom when she leaves the house, and always trying to make plans with my friends. i just dont want to break down all the time around them. thank you so much for your comment :) is ur guy in basic too?

I'm so looking forward to seeing him again! Sounds like you have a TON to look forward to :) That's so exciting! Just keep hanging out with friends and family. It's a great time to focus on you. My man just started week 5 of training today.

:) Yeah, I'm definitely gonna have to get myself together so i don't waste these next 8 weeks moping. haha so have things gotten easier for you? how many letters and phone calls have you gotten from him?

It does get easier. It's gotten so much easier! I've really learned to adjust. I think I've gotten about 5 calls total. And 4 different letters. But I haven't gotten a letter in 2 weeks. The letters are very random and they don't have much time to write and send out many. But getting letters help them so much! My man always brags about how many people comment on how many letters he gets :)

aww that must be so nice! haha im trying to write as many letters as possible so he doesnt have an even harder time. im so glad it gets easier and im looking forward to a call and letter from him. it must be so cute getting letters. no one writes them anymore, so when thats practically your only way of communicating, they become so important and meaningful to you. so you've gotten a call like every week? that must be so nice! i hope I'm that lucky!

It's mandatory that they get at least 15 minutes for phone calls every week :) And the letters are so special! I read them over and over... Even sleep with my favorite ones when I feel really lonely. I can't tell you how attached to my phone I was those first 2 weeks. And I still am!

omg i didnt know that! so if its mandatory, then i should get a phone call either tomorrow or tuesday :) awww i would too! he gave me his teddy bear before he left lol and when he had it, i got him a USAF outfit for it, so now its in my room. :) he also gave me his airforce shirt and a bunch of other stuff, so i feel like a really supportive and proud girlfriend :) i have my phone on loud, and i never do! and even though no one really texts me anymore (he was the only one pretty much lol), i still hold onto it in hopes that he'll call me. im so happy that youre telling me all this. its giving me so much hope, so thank you :)

Awe! Such a cute teddy bear! I got a teddy bear for my birthday from my airman, and I sleep with him every night! I also sleep in one of his sweatshirts and pajama pants every night. I just ordered a "Property of a United States Airman" sweatshirt. I'm so excited to get it :) I know exactly what you mean about the texting thing! He was the only one that texted me too. I suggest setting a special ringtone just for him so you don't freak out every time your phone rang just like I did lol. The first time I got a call from him I was so annoyed because I got more calls from people than I ever did that day, and none of which were him. At about 8 pm the first Sunday after he left my phone rang, I rolled my eyes and looked at who was calling and it was him! I screamed. I'm glad I can help btw :)

Omg me too! Hahah I sleep in his pjs every night too and he got me a teddy bear for valentines day so I now sleep with two that remind me of him :) I should totally get a sweatshirt like that! That's awesome! And yeah, I should definitely set my ringtone for him lol I haven't thought of that before. My phone just went off in the doctors office while I was in with the doctor and I freaked out because I thought it could be him. I got in trouble with my mom because I answered it and it was just a toll free number -__- lol I was so mad. So good advice on that :) that's funny though! Sucks you were annoyed but I bet that it made for a huge mood change after that call :) after ur call, did you feel really happy? Or upset that the phone call was over and u wouldn't know when you would be talking to him again?

Oh my gosh that's too funny! That's the exact reason why I changed my ringtone for him. I can't wait for my sweatshirt to get here. I plan on wearing it to his graduation to surprise him :) My first phone call, I acted like I had fallen in love with him all over again. I hadn't been that happy in probably a month! My mood did a complete 180. It was the best feeling in the world.

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