Ryan Made His First Call!! :)

Ryan made his first call, even though it wasn't to me I am still happy he called his mom and talked to her about how he was doing and that she could relay the message to me :)
He told her he was very homesick and she said he had tears in his voice and was choked up but not once cried. He's so strong <3 he said that his flight is ******* him off because they keep doing things wrong and getting in trouble. lol sounds like him. But he also said that he can't get the folding down write and they are making him do it over and over again, which makes me sad. I don't like knowing the fact that people are being mean to him.. :( His mom asked him questions and asked if he got my letters and he said he did.
Knowing all of this makes me miss him sooo much more. It hurts.
I can't wait to see his gorgeous face again. <3
His flight is 698
let me know if any of you have a bf in the same one :))
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Awww, I'm glad she heard from him and let you know! :) Time will fly by, don't worry.

thank you! :) time is already flying by, its so crazy! i love it :) lol


How long has he been there before he was allowed to call? Mine has been gone a week now and I hate not knowing around when I'll get one...

hes been there for 2 weeks and just got to call... He called his mom his first one, but he also said his flight keeps getting in trouble so it differs on their MTI.

Well I hope Evan's group does what they are supposed to do!

Yay! I'm glad he got a call! :) The first few are the hardest, The TI's pretty much break them down and then they have to build themselves back up as an airman. It's rough the first few weeks for everyone. But the calls only get better each week. They start to sound so much more confident every time!

yea it was really rough on him. I'm hoping i eventually get a call :) I miss him so much! but its going by so fast surprisingly! I know he will be ok, its just he never gets upset about anything, he's always sooo tough, so knowing that really broke my heart.

Yeah I know what you mean, Jordan (my airman) is exactly the same way. He was crying that first call and I could tell, even though he wasn't showing it. You will probably get a call next week! Maybe he's doing every other?

yea thats how ryan was, his mom said she could tell it by his voice, and maybe! i hope sooo :) he said he got my letters so thats a relief

Oh good! Write to him everyday! It really does help them! And it helps me too, makes me feel like I'm talking to him.

Thats exactly how I feel, it makes me feel better he is knowing whats going on. But idk how long it takes them to get their mail

It depends on where you live. It's a couple days typically

Yea, as long as i know he's getting them, Im fine :)

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My bf is named Ryan tooo!! weird.

its a good name :)