Man In Bmt. How I Plan To Stay Busy

Everyone who has to wait or is missing someone has heard people say "stay as busy as possible" right?? Well, youll still miss that person but it does help with lifting your mood and keeping from getting depressed. I decided to start a workout routine and a stricter overall schedule:) i workout now and then but i have been wanting to start a workout routine for the looooongest. The fact that my guy is doing some heavy workouts daily inspires me to wake up in the morning and kick a** in my workout! Lol and as crazy as it sounds i feel like im goin through a part of it with him, even though we are far apart.

So, i get up early and workout. Then shower , eat and get ready for my day / work . Before work i take my mail from the previous day to the post office. if im off work that day i work on findin a second job ( i need to pay for the graduation trip and im strugglin right now lol) ..and during that time i plan ahead for going back to school in the spring, pay bills if i need to, run errands , go to the store, blah blah all that tedious stuff.

In the evening at a certain time i eat , take a nap and i give myself time to just relax, meditate and calm myself...Then i do another workout, and the rest of the day is whatever .. Tv shows , friends etc. at the end of the day i write my letter and it feels good to relieve myself of wht im feelin and what i've been holding in. Although i'd rather hear his voice, writing can def be therapeutic in it's own way. If im reeeally sad about something i write it down and throw it away.. I dint wanna bring him down durin training. All the sweet and encouraging stuff ill send. Lol

obviously the schedule will change now and then depending on a lot of things; unexpected stuff , hangin with friends and fam, work school..but i have found that sticking to a strict schedule for the most part helps some:) makes you feel strong and productive and that not only are you bein there for your man , but you are bein there for yourself.

That change will show when you see him again, and in a sense that is a gift to him too . So, Im workin on advancin on myself mentally , emotionally...and also workin on my future beach bod.... Lol

Dont get me wrong, my cell phone is still with me and on LOUD at allllll times hahaha.

Have a good day all. Stay strong.
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3 Responses Sep 24, 2012

I am really glad I started to workout consistently too! Believe me, when BMT graduation comes around and your body is tighter and sicker, you'll be so happy. I'm two weeks away from graduation, two sizes down, and 10x happier due to the endorphins. It is a good accomplishment and keeps your ego up! I found that I missed being told I'm pretty and feeling gorgeous; working out helped tons.

I like! I am going to try to start working out twice a day too so that when he sees me he will be like dang! Besides like you said working out does make me feel close to him. I write my boyfriend everything so that he doesn't feel like I am hiding anything but I think you have a good point about sending your guy positive things, I feel so down when I'm not writing him though because it makes me feel empty like we aren't talking anymore. I am still trying to find work too so that I can get to that graduation without spending all my bf's money getting there.

who you telling those tickets are no joke. This week makes week 2 for him. I try and make sure that I stay positive as well. I might talk about how much I really miss him and how horrible my day is but I always make sure I put a good memory in there and talk about how the distance is good because it will make us stronger. It almost broke my heart when I got his letters today. He is dorm leader and he is worried that he will fail. I wish that I could just lay next to him, put my arms around him and tell him "it's ok, I'm here tell me everything and I will help you" Yea, I want him to think wow she is more gorgeous than I remembered.

From what I hear, there are alot of guys being resentful but he will get use to them and they will become a team. I get my phone calls on sundays. I am thinking you should get one in by next weekend after 12. I know I feel like the same way. I wish I could make him feel better but he says letters help and the calls are good. Just like writing is therapeutic for us, it is for them. Yea, today was the first day for my letters so if your guy follows the same pattern you should have one by next week. I think they send them out on fridays. I know they only get letters once a week, so I just bundle mine in one envelope. I just did ab ripper x. I am going to have that beach body by the time he sees me lol ;)

Love it , I'm starting my workout to so I can plan me and my bf trip to Flordia this summer for his birthday !

It's getting better , just waiting on the cash to reserve and purchase my ticket !

Lol it feels like its been about 6 months sighs I'm just ready !