When The Air Force Took Over

My boyfriend has now been a member in the AF for now 2 years. (2 years too many). It's horrible to say but I hate the Air Force with a passion. It's taken over our relationship and it's the only thing we ever have to talk about from where he's going next or when he's going to be able to do this or that.... It's always up to the Air Force. For once, I would like to be able to make a decision about our lives without having to use the words Air Force. We were supposed to be married the day after he graduated from basic but nope couldn't do it because of the AF. He is now deployed and a 7 minute phone call is what I've gotten in almost a week. I know some have it worse but I'm not living other people's lives. This is my life and I want my boyfriend back free from the military. He is the most unselfish person I've ever met and this is what he wanted to do for his country. Now he's working 26 hour days and sleeping on a cot. I wish he was here for me to take care of. I tell him all the time he cheats on me with AF. He just laughs and says she pays the bills gotta do what you gotta do. This is his first deployment and I hope things get easier as the days go by but it doesn't seem like those days are going to get here anytime soon. This is my rant and I'm done being negative. Now it's time to get my girl panties on and deal with it because this is mine and his life now. :)
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I really honestly respect and admire you so much. I mine just left a week ago but i KNOW i'm going to be feeling the same way because i already feel that way..but you are sticking by him and that's the best way you can take care of him. by being there for him.

I feel like I'm doing a horrible job of giving him encourging words or something to make him feel better. He is deployed now but I'm not sure where he is or when he is coming home. He is not allowed to tell me anything because it's "top secret". So all I can say is I'm sorry I hope things get better. It's starting to get me. Somedays I'm fine and next day I'm at work balling my eyes out looking like a mad woman. Is your airman deployed?

no he's not. He just went to basic. But he told me to expect what your man is doing to be what he has to be sometimes. But if he loves you then he knows that you are there for him, and If you love him then you should know that he wishes he colud tell you and he wishes he could ease your mind. I would hate not knowing where he was even at in the world. What is his job?

yeah it sucks. i asked him if he could give a hint as when he is coming home and he said he should find out something this week and he will tell me if its sooner or later but thats it. and he is a sensor operator on an ac130.

Well I hope you know soon! to put your mind at ease a bit

thank you... and basic training goes by pretty quickly too it may seem like its taking a while to be over but it'll pass soon

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