I Would Like To Meet Other Air Force Girlfriends

I feel so alone in this. my boyfriend is leaving for BMT tomorrow and i just need to talk to someone who understands. please any help would be great
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My boyfriend left a week ago also. And it was definitely the most painful thing I've ever gone through, so I can sympathize for you in this. But exactly what they said, staying busy is really what gets you by. And I've learned not to focus on the past right away, because memories will only make u cry, and don't think of how you are right now, think about the future and how happy you'll be when you see him again. Positive thinking is also majorly important! This site is also a great help-these girls have helped and encouraged me all the way. So talking to people on here also makes the time so quicker since you have people who know what you're feeling. I'm here if you need to talk too :)

My airman is in week 5 now. I remember how hard it was for me. I couldn't have done it alone. I'm here if you want to talk or vent!

aww i bet you miss him like crazyy. and yeah i would love to vent haha. im so balled up with emotions... );

I'm all ears! And yeah, I really miss him right now. I have a MAJOR migraine and he seemed to always be able to take my pain away.

Mine left last week, and i felt and I'm feeling the exact same way.. I need some support too

After he left I never felt so empty and alone. I miss him so much

I did too and i still do. My friends and family don't really get it..but it hurts. A lot.

I lost all my friends over this. my parents don't agree or understand either. I'm graduated from HS and live on my own. I have a full time job and do online classes but recently it's been so hard:/

I'm sorry to hear that...i know it's hard. But he just left yesterday? or today? mines been gone aweek and it's still hard but it is not as hard. I stillmiss him with everything i got but I'm doing ok. Best thing to do is keep yourself busy so the time passesmore quickly. Really focus on your job and really focus on getting good grades and before you know it he'll be back. I've been keeping myself busy and already a week has passed. Just get through each day and on to the next.

he left today..it was probably the hardest thing. i know is basic, but him being away is so hard. i will keep up with my grades and job. i cant wait to see him. now that you mention it, ill definetly keep busy cause if i dont ill get sad.

that's the way to think! but i'm right here with you girlie, i feel the same way. It is hard. But think about how close you guys will be when he gets back! Distance makes the heart grow fonder! It keeps me going to look toward the happy future we will have together.

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