When Will I Know?

So basically I'm just too impatient to really wait to find these answers out for myself but I'm going crazy not knowing...

First of all I need to know when he will find out what job he is getting. He signed up for a lot of them and is going in active duty but he doesn't know what job he will get for sure. When will he know in basic?

Also, he wrote down that his first prefrenced base to be in Dayton, OH. So that he is closer to me. But I'm worried that he won't get put there. If he is put there we will get to see each other a lot, but if not it'll be more like never... when will he know what base he will be put on??

& finally when will he know how long he will be in tech school? He signed up for mechanical jobs but they only told him 3-5 months of school. I want to know if i get him back in february or april lol

any insight would be really appreciated!
thank you guys in advance <3
evansgirl8 evansgirl8
18-21, F
Sep 24, 2012