Tomorrow :)<3

Tomorrow we leave for Texas, driving half way staying in hotel than Wednesday driving the rest of the way :) its so exciting I can't help but feel like im dreaming and that any minute I'll wake up and it'll be the first week all over again lol
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Have fun!!! This weekend will be the best weekend!!

Thats sooo exciting! You headed to San Antonio?

Yup :) I keep pinching myself though just to make sure I'm not dreaming lol

awww i bet you have butterflies in your tummy, and your heart feels like its in your throat haha. a long wait paid off huh?(:

Yes!! Lol when i got his picture I swear my heart skipped a beat because it was something recent lol.

omg that is so sweet&lt;3 i cant wait to get the first phone call (: my boyfriend just left for meps today and will be leaving tomorrow on a plane to lackland afb. i wish the best for yall(:

I hope it flies by fast for you as it did for me :)

thanks hun(: im going to try to stay busy. seeems like its been working for most people (:

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