He Called...

Im at a loss for words... So happy to hear from him but so sad to hear him like that. I did my best to encourage him and lift his spirits . He said that he told all his friends about me and kept sayin that he loved and missed me. I miss my Baby soooooooooooo much and wish i could go to TexAs and whoop some TI a**... *sigh* i know he is strong and itll get better for him and this will make him even stronger in the end...but it is so hard for me to hear him like that and not be able to do anything about it. I love him so much. Tears flowin.
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

I am very surprised they get to call during the week but congratulations.

so I'm guessing your calls will be coming in on tuesdays like I get mine on sundays :)

awww , hun i know what you going through i was soooo sad hearing my man telling me how much he didnt like it but he'll start to warm up to it .

yeah i know what you mean , my first call my man sounded jjust happy to call the call next week you can tell e was going through it he hd to call me twice his ti let him but the call i got this pass Saturday he sounded like his regular self so i think the 1st couple of weeks will be hard but he'll adjust my guy is a element leader so its stressful trying to make other trainees do right he say's there are so lazy that's why they get yelled at or minutes taking away

yea I think my guy is an element leader also and he tells me that the guys resent being told what to do by him and he is stressed having to be in command

Lol , what group is he a element leader for ?