September 25th 2012-update(:

so my boyfriend left for meps yesterday at 12:00pm. he texted me when he could. updated me with everything that was going on. he told me he was leaving the hotel at 03:45, so i stayed up until i recieved the text saying he was awake and on his way to success.

Daniel- 03:45 up and ready!
Me-awesome babe!
Daniel- You just wake up?
Me- Nope
Daniel- Cant sleep or still awake?
Me- I stayed awake to hear from you baby
Daniel-Awwww baby(:
Me- I care so much about you honey
Daniel- Your my world babe. you mean everything to me dont ever forget that. well were coming up on fort jackson. no phones :( ill text you later and then call you when we land in your state (TEXAS)

Later on....

Daniel- how are you?
Me- great, missing you like crazy though(:
Daniel- It wont be long at all(: Youll be hugging me at graduation feeling like it was just yeaterday we said goodbye
Me- I know honey! ill be fine, you stay strong!
Daniel- In the van to the airport (: we leave at 6:10pm and arrive in dallas at 7:55pm. Then we leave at 8:50 and arrive in San Antonio at 9:50pm. then a bus takes us to bmt.
Me- Thank you for keeping me updated with the little time you have I greatly apperciate it(:
Daniel-No prob baby(: 1 hour till my flight..
Me: exciting!
Daniel- yes, im so glad your here to experience this with me, your so supportive and caring.
Me:Good(: im hear for you babe. you feeling okay?
Daniel: yeah i feel great, i feel accomplished, proud of, happy, cared about, important, excited. i can keep going.
Me- thats great honey, stay positive.

7:51 pm- b
Daniel- baby im safe in Dallas now. First time flying....I love it. I love being about the world and feeling free. its such an inspiation and a dream like state to be where i am now in life. I'd give anything to protect this freedom for myself, my kids, and their kids. i love it and america.

Daniel-im safe in san antonio. im off to bmt. be good stay strong and ill tallk to you soon

Now i shoudl be expecting my first call from him in the next few hours....ill keep everyone posted(:
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Sep 25, 2012