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I was perusing the internet and found this definition of a military significant other. It is pretty awesome so I had to share it with all the lovely ladies in the group.

Definition of Military SO:

A Military SO is the girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband of an individual in any branch of any Military.

There is no higher civilian level of badassery.

To be a military SO (besides having a significant other in the military) you must:
-be able to survive a long distance relationship.
-be able to go for long periods of time without sexual intercourse.
-forgive any forgotten special dates.
-forgive lack of contact.
-have decent handwriting (for letters).
-have Skype (or any other video-chat service)
-have a charged phone on your person at all times (for unexpected calls or texts from your SO).
-be strong.
-be a badass.

"Don't mess with her, she's a military SO."
"Your point?"
"Her boyfriend can crush you with no effort."
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9 Responses Sep 30, 2012

Lol so true! Thanks for sharing(:

That was wonderful. I'm bookmarking it! Looove it

I live this , the whole sex thing is killing me too!!!

love it!!! <3

I've got to say...the whole no sex thing for months on end is killing me! Anybody else have this problem?! Lol

So glad to hear someone else is having this issue. There simply is no substitute for the real thing with your partner. D:

OMFG this made my night :')

You're very welcome! It made me smile so big too. We are indeed masters of "badassery."

This made me smile so big! Thanks!

Haha I love it! "Badassery" Thanks for sharing