Most Romantic Thing Ever! boyfriend left officially on tuesday night (Nov. 6) The next day he called around 4 with his address. Before he left we both gave eachother goodbye letters & he read mine on the airplane. I waited to read his until I really needed to hear him tell me "I love you" last night I opened the letter & this was basically what it read...

-Hey Baby, I know this is hard for you it's hard for me too. But this will make us stronger and I have every intention of marrying you someday. I love you so much.
-There is a well in the front of my house, I have left something in it for you. Bring a friend or go alone, just dont go too late because it may be hard to find. I love you

After reading this I almost freaked out! I DID freak out. I was worried that I may be too late because what if the snow storm ruined whatever it is or it blew away?! This was last night at 10 & I almost drove to his house right away but I refrained until today after school and brought one of my friends with me. We got to the well & there was an antique treasure chest with flowers painted on it. I opened it & there was his watch [that I gave him, & before he left I told him I should wear it, its just a tiny bit big]...there was also 10 envelopes all with different dates on them. I am to read them on the date written...the first one is for Nov 13 [one week since he left]. There is also one that says Nov 27 before 9pm. There is one for my birthday/our 3 year anniversary on Dec 7. One for Christmas. And there are 3 stapled together that say For The Plane To Texas & one is labeled A & another B. Like I said, there are ten all together and ugh I teared up looking through the box. I feel like each week will go by faster because each week I get to look forward to a letter. Wow...I wonder what they say & why in the world do I have to read that one before 9pm?! And why is there specific ones for the plane?!

This made his leaving SO much easier...especially since he is generally not this creative & it makes me feel like he really thought about how I would be while he's away. <3

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omg this seriously made me tear up =')

this is the most amazing thing ive ever read! please share with us what are in those letters! im so excited for you!

smooooooth lol :)


that is so sweet! :)

That's so sweet! (:

What flight is he in? My man left November 6th as well!

073 :)

Man! Mine is in 064!!

WOW that is so awesome!! So romantic:)

Cutest thing ever (:

this is soo sweet :)

That is soooo romantic! Oh my gosh<3 can't wait to learn what's inside of them:)! lol

Aww that is so cute! Is it sad that I'm excited for your next letter?? Especially the one that has to be open before 9pm!!! Lol

That is the cutest/most romantic thing I've ever heard!!!

That's amazing!!! Tell us when you open them!

Tell us the content of the letter when u eventually get to read it! This is so exciting :)

Oh I plan on sharing it with the world! :)