I'm The Lucky Girl With A Fairy Tale Story <3

March 21, 2009 my mom asked me if I wanted to join her & my nephew [3 yrs old] to go to the park in town. I was tired and didn't feel like doing my hair/make-up so at first I told her no. Then I decided I should get out of the house on a Saturday so I threw on w.e. clothing was around [unfortunately that meant my twilight t-shirt & gray jean jacket]. I live in a VERY small town, and the park is less than a mile away from home. So there we were, playing with my nephew & paying no attention to the fact that there were 2 boys playing at the basketball court [it's a closed in type of thing, you can only see in from two sides...not the side with the playground]. We werent there too long & we decided to leave, as I was getting into my mom's car I saw this beautiful boy with black hair & big brown eyes...we made eye contact only for a moment. I got in the car & freaked out...saying "OMG Mom! Did you see him? He was gorgeous!" We made eye contact once more as we drove away & it was to my shock that my mom said this...we have to go back, come on Jessica. We'll pretend we forgot a ball for your nephew and come right back [little did she know what she was getting into]. Blushing & still freaking out I let her go on with the plan. We quickly got a ball and came back to the park. This time we positioned ourselves right next to the basketball court so we could see him [he was playing with someone from my school but I didnt know him well at all] and we kicked the ball around. My mom kicked the ball closer to the court so I would have to run and get it, then she had to go to the car for a tissue [legitimately]. And that is when this beautiful looked at me and waved me over to come talk. We met at the stairs of the court & thats when the cliche began. "Hey my name is Bobby...." We exchanged phone numbers before my mom even returned & I learned that he was playing with his friend & that he was home schooled. We both parted ways & I anxiously awaited his text that night. One week later was the first time we hung out [on his birthday] at the park...and he has been in my life ever since. My mom still says that she didnt think anything would come from it, just a life lesson to never let an opportunity pass you by.
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This is so sweet. Thank you so much for sharing, it's definitely a reminder to never pass up an opportunity! It's nice your Mom encouraged it too!! It's always nice to share your story with others :)

Crazy how one decision changed my whole life :)