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It's almost been a month since I last saw my airman. Just last night, I woke up with a terrible stomach ache..I couldn't help but gag. I later worried because it just came out of the blue. I ran to the store to pick up multiple tests..but they were all inconsistent. I'm planning on seeing a dr soon. So here I am now, worried that in a blink of an eye,I went from being an girl to becoming a young mother

What worries me most is breaking the news to him. He has soo much going for him,I dont wan't to be the reason why he couldn't go ahead with his life's plans,like becoming an officer etc.,its not the smartest idea but I think its best to maybe keep our distance,until the air clears i guess.It's unfair to say that though because I myself had a path I wanted to follow but I just don't know what to do. Right now, I've been avoiding him. It hurts because he says he keeps saying "if you're trying to break up with me,I'm running over there to get you.Im yours and you're mines & I'm taking care of you even if you don't want me to" My phone has been blowing up all day because of him. It just hurts not knowing what to do

I don't know for sure yet but I hope things work out
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I went through this same thing, hon. My period was a week late and I had a stomachache, passed out, mood swings, etc. The thing about thinking you're pregnant is that your body will act like it's pregnant. It's common. I did not tell my fiance because he would worry (there are repercussions for him sometimes) and I wanted to be absolutely sure. I'd just go to your appointment, pee in a cup, and hear the magic words, "You're not pregnant." <3

Also also, I'm sure your boyfriend is more worried that you're breaking up with him than about pregnancy. You don't wanna risk him distancing himself. Just my two cents.

I haven't told him just yet,he has enough on his plate to be worried about as is. But yea,I just want to be 100% sure before I make any real decisions. I still haven't spoken to him,merely because I feel like my emotions will get the best of me &amp; he'll begin to worry. My appointment is tomorrow; I really don't think I need to be freaking out just yet,but I don't want to later regret saying that. So I'm just trying to keep my hopes up &amp; think of the best way to talk to Sonny(my boyfriend) if it turns out that I am pregnant or not. Even if I'm not,I know I've hurt him from shutting him out these past few days

Did you miss your period anything? When are you taking the tests? You should try taking them first thing in the morning, that's when they are most accurate. I'm assuming you're talking about being pregnant because you said young mother. It's a good sign if he says he's yours and wants to take care of you and such, also the good thing is that if you are pregnant, he will be able to support your child. The unfortunate part about this is if he wants to become an officer, I'm almost positive he can't be married during the process ... so it will be difficult for you all to be together... But I wish you the best of luck!! It sounds like you have a really supportive man in your life that will be there for you no matter what!

Yes, I missed. I made an appointment with my dr just to get clear results. I'm still anxious &amp; nervous though. &amp; yes,to become an officer &amp; whatnot,you cannot be married or have any dependents,that's why I feel bad &amp; like im holding him back from his goals if the test comes back positive. He said he didn't care,but it does still hurt. But yea,I'm thankful he still loves me and is with me through thick and thin.

Yeah that is a rough position . . . but he can still become and officer, it would just be really hard on you... hopefully you have really supportive parents?? You can still accomplish what you want, it will just take a little bit longer and be harder. I've learned that life never goes according to your plan! So you just gotta go with it!

I'm not close with my parents. Sonny(my boyfriend) is all that I have to be honest. It's all still uncertain just yet, so I'm trying to keep positive. I told Sonny that I didn't want to talk to him till I got any results. That was pretty harsh on my behalf,but I don't want us freaking out about it &amp; making us even more unsteady than we already are,you know? It's unbelievable how many times he's called,text and left me voicemails today. I didn't think it would affect him this much

I know its not my place but I think keeping your distance is not good for either of you. You're going to need each other and now you are especially going to need him. There are many women having children with their spouse in the service and are pursuing their own ambitions too. I know I personally don't know you but I think you both can do it, if you have the independence and strength to be an Air Force girlfriend like I think you do I think you can get through this. Plus, the Air Force is the best branch for families.

It just worries me to see what might happen to us. I highly doubt anything bad will occur but it'll be scary to see us have to fast forward our lives when we set out a goal for ourselves. Only time will tell I suppose