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I guess I'll give you guys a little bit of background information. My fiancé and I, both going on 25 years of age, have been together for about 6 years. We recently got engaged before he left for BMT.

When he joined the Air Force, I was wary, not because I despise the military. I'm actually thankful for all that they do, especially since my grandpa was in the military. I was wary because we've never been apart for this long, and I don't know much about being a significant other to an airman--my grandpa was in the army. Researching online about writing letters, phone calls, etc. has become a rather daunting task, and to be honest, not all that helpful as of yet.

My fiance left for BMT about a week ago. I received one phone call, which I wasn't able to answer because I was working--I'm a preschool teacher. He left a voicemail saying he made it there safely, but did not leave me a mailing address. I heard the first week is the toughest week to get through because it's a bit of culture shock, getting thrown into the bootcamp setting, and I want him to know that we're all proud and supporting him from home. Can't do that if I can't communicate with him.

If any of you guys have any advice that you'd like to share with me, I'm very open to hearing them, especially since I have no idea what it's like to be a girlfriend, or in my case, a fiancé to an airman.
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My boyfriend has been gone for two weeks now and I have gotten my first letter and two phone calls. If you didn't get an address I'm sure he will write you first and or call you again with the information. Phone calls are 15 minutes, and normally when you get a letter it's a week old. My boyfriends cousin is in the Air Force and had completed basic about a year ago and told me that you don't want to send inappropriate picture because they have to show the MIT every picture they get. You don't want to draw little hearts or anything like that on the letters and don't spray the letters, this is just to insure that your Airman doesn't get singled out because Basic is hard enough and you want to be the one who he looks to for encouragement and strength.

Another thing I was told is not to say you miss him because it makes things harder knowing that he can't be there for you. My dad (ex army solider) and Jaret's cousin present Airman said it makes them feel worse. I just say I can't wait to see you. Or I will see you soon. Not I miss you. Also it helps them if you don't cry when you hear from him, my dad says that is the hardest when he would call my mom (she was pregnant with me) and she would cry and tell him she missed him so much. I'm not going to lie I get choked up every time I talk to Jaret (my boyfriend) on the phone, and after we hang up it makes me cry (i feel Like a big baby saying all this but I love him and can't help it.) my mom says it gets easier and so does my friend who dated my boyfriends cousin.

Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely take those into consideration as I write my letters and when I talk to him on the phone. So far I've missed two phone calls because they've been making him call during the week while I'm at work. I heard it gets easier, too, but right now it's pretty overwhelming. I replay voicemails, I look at pictures, etc., so honestly you shouldn't feel like a baby :] We're all going through separation anxiety. It's hard because you do love him. Thank you so much for your advice. I've talked to so many of my friends and nobody really understands what I'm going through so I'm glad that there are people on here who understand the situation. Thanks again!

No problem anytime! If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask me:) I will gladly tell you what I know!