So It Begins :)

Last night I was helping him get his blues ironed and put together, made sure he woke up in time this morning to get dressed and head off to get in-processed at the AFB now I'm washing his uniform he wore home and putting up his clothes and stuff so he doesn't have to worry about it when he comes home later today. My life with him home in the Air Force has begun :)
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Reading this makes me want to beable to do all the same things for my airman!

It was so exciting and he loved that I did that and that it was all organized lol

This is so amazing. This is my life very soon! I'm marrying my man in December and then moving to his base asap! I love these stories. :) Are you living with him yet?

We've been living together almost our whole relationship but this is first time I've felt all wife like lol. We are hoping to get married in jan when my dad is home and my cousin is here on leave :)

How has that worked out? How have you been living together? I'm still new to this whole MilSO thing, really. Alas, I am ignorant of this side of the life still. It sounds heavenly!

We've been together before he went in and he moved into my parents place with me we are just saving up to get our own place because he's reserve he doesn't work every day like active duty.

That is so adorable :)
I truly envy you

I've been waiting for the day where I can finally feel like I'm doing something good for him and help him out :)

Same here,but it'll be a while before I get the chance to do as you're doing. We're waiting until I graduate college to settle in &start our lives together,but hearing stories like yours reassures me that in the end,it's definitely worth the wait :)
How long have you &your airman been together?

It's def worth it in the end, we been together for almost 2 years :)

Aww same here :)
I hope to be able to be by his side soon enough because we've been far apart for as long as I can remember. Did you two tie the knot already?

Not yet hoping to soon though :)

:) same here!haha
where is he stationed?

Peterson AFB in CO :) he's reserves so he gets to be stationed back home which is good

Aww thats great...mines is in Vegas
of ALL the places he couldve been, hes stationed there for the next 6years lol

Oh no, my brother was just there for some training before he gets deployed

He's in the AF too?
You've definitely surrounded yourself with a brave group of men :) lol

Yeah my bro n cousin and fiancé are Air Force and my dad and both grandpas are retired army lol so def a military based family but it's fun lol

Haha same here! I have a lot of family that serves in the military,in all different branches as well
Wow,it's soo crazy how many things we have alike lol

Right!! Lol

I hope we can keep in touch. I have soo many questions to ask lol

Most definitely :)

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Thats so awesome (:

I like doing it its fun weird I know haha

No I totally get it. I set up a new phone for him when he got to tech school and I was taking care of stuff for him before he had internet access it felt like I was doing wife like things lol

Exactly I was sending off car payments for him taking care of car insurance took car to get oil change fixed tire now this lol he has no idea I'm doing this either but he kept talking about needing to put them up this morning and since my dad was in the army I kinda have an idea how to keep it all nice and organized :D

Im just trying to help him the best I can from here lol. I think its so great that you finally have him home!

Yeah it's alot easier to help out with him here than when he was gone lol

I bet, having my bf at tech school is much easier than when he was at basic but I cant wait for him to be home!

Yeah I loved when he was in tech school somedays i would set alarm to wake up and talk to him before PT and class lol

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