2 Weeks Down, 6 Weeks To Go!

So my boyfriend has been in basic training for 2 weeks now. I'm surprised I haven't completely fallen apart lol. 45 more days until I get to see him :) It still seems like forever though, but I'm managing. Graduation isn't until January but I'm getting super excited already! Already thinking of what I could wear and stuff haha. Anybody have any suggestions on stuff to keep me busy so time will go by faster?? and what is graduation like?? Any feedback will be awesome :) thanks
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The colors are very important so you know what color shirt he'll be wearing in the Airman's run so it'll be easier to find him :p
320 TRS Mascot: Gators Motto: “Can’t stop the rock!” Color: Red
321 TRS Mascot: Warthogs Motto: ”Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” Color: Green
322 TRS Mascot: Eagles Motto: “Second to none, come get some!” Color: Yellow
323 TRS Mascot: Mustangs Motto: “Anytime! Anyplace! Mustangs!” Color: Tan
324 TRS Mascot: Knights Motto: “Knights, Ready for battle!” Color: Maroon (324 TRS also maintains the medical/discharge holdovers and Fit Flight trainees)
326 TRS Mascot: Bulldogs Motto: “Leading the Pack” Color: Dark Blue
331 TRS Mascot: Wolfpack Motto: “May God Have Mercy On The Wolfpack’s Prey” Color: Black

Here sweet heart!
This is the usual graduation schedule for Lackland AFB seems our Airmen get base liberty or a Town Pass everyday from Thur-Sat! :D and if hes honor grad then he practically gets the whole day Sunday.. I personally haven't been to the graduation yet so I'm pretty much in the dark as you but I hope this helps. Seven more weeks for me. :) hey I have a question for you, what do you plan on wearing? Because I dont want to be wearing heels and everyone else is wearing tennis shoes because we have to walk a lot .-. and I'm going in January too is it going to be cold?

I'll probably keep it cute and casual, no heels or pumps or anything. And I actually don't think it will be all that cold, probably low 60's..

I'm soo happy for you! :)

So proud of you. :) It sounds like you're rocking the USAF gf. Stay positive. :)

My Boyfriend graduates January 11th!! For the Lackland air ba<x>se! I haven't conpletley broken down yet either, but it is so hard being away from him. The other night I had a dream that we were just laying in bed talking and I was messing with his hair and I was telling him how much I love him then I woke up alone in my bed I cried myself back to sleep that night grasping the pillow beside me. Anyway I have been thinking about what to wear I live in Texas so I kinda know how to dress the weather here is pretty much bi polar so just be prepared for all types of weather! I was thinking should i get him a gift for his graduation? Are you getting your airman a gift? And to keep my self busy I just work and try to stay focused in school going to church and I hang out with my boyfriends family too. I also started running again.

Our boyfriends graduate the same time! :p It is really hard being away from him, I miss him so much but I completely admire what they're doing. I want to get him a gift, I just don't know what yet...
I think I may start running again too..i try to focus on school but sometimes that doesn't work haha

I'm extremely proud of the men who go in and volunteer to serve our country! Does your boyfriend graduate from the lackland air base? I have no idea what to get him for graduation, I just know I want to give him something. I don't know what he can have during tech school. Me and my boyfriend Jaret have been dating for on 7 months but have been together for 10 months. We went to the same Highschool and met After one of his soccer games, we were friends with some of the same people just never talked. And we all went out to eat and we where laughing having a good time and he looked at me and said "you got some big ol cheeks" and I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing haha he was so embarrassed, he told me after we were dating he had no idea what he was thinking when he said that lol sorry if I'm rambling!

Yup, Lackland AFB! and yeah I have no idea what to get him for graduation. Yeah they can have like all their usual stuff at tech school . Aw no its okay I like to hear stories :) I met my boyfriend Colton through a friend and we had our complications back at the beginning of the year but we've been going strong for awhile now &lt;3

That's great maybe we I'll see each other there! I'm glad I met someone who's boyfriend graduates the say time as mine! Lol im already ordering my air force girlfriend shirts and Jaret said he wants one that says I love my civilian girlfriend lol he is so silly! I would have pictures and stuff on here I just can ever figure out how to do it you think being 18 I would know all about computers and stuff haha! Did your boyfriend get adopted by a family for Thanksgiving?

Omgsh same here! I found this awesome t-shirt that says I &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 my Airman lol its adorbs! http://www.cafepress.com/mf/43687416/i-love-my-airman_tshirt &amp; yeah it took me a little to figure this site out haha! I'm actually still 17 and I graduate high school in June. :) I'm not sure if he did or not..I only got to talk to him Saturday for 1 min and 28 sec b/c his dad was on the other line. but at least I got to hear his voice and hear him say i love you&lt;3

My mom isn't the best so I got held back on 2nd grade so I will be graduating at 19 -__- lol I feel dumb saying that but oh well. And that shirt is soo cute lol I got a plain one that I though was so presh

aw its all good :p no worries. yeah i can't wait to get my shirt haha and I can't wait to see him at graduation and spend some quality time with him. and of course take pictures :)

Cute :)

Lol I'm a photographer at my school and I am actually an assistant to a photographer (my aunt) but still, I know I'll be taking picture like a crazy person lol I really miss my boyfriend too and the end of every letter I always put xoxo and I will see you soon lol cause when he was here I was here I busy and he was busy a lot so we saw each other when we could normally only like two days that we didnt see each other in a week, but I would always say I'll see you soon then and he would always say babe when am I going to see you, and I jokingly would say I will pencil you in, he alway told me to put it in ink so I couldn't erase it haha I feel like we have the longest goodbyes! I just dont like to say goodbye thats why Lol

I'm pretty sure the goodbye part will never get any easier :( but its just something to get used to. &amp; Oh my! I love taking pictures haha :) its so fun and they are great memories. I still haven't gotten a letter yet so I hope I get one soon. I mean I've gotten 2 phone calls which is awesome..the first one was about 15 mins and like I mentioned the second was only like 1 min and a half

I haven't gotten a letter yet either I have written 5 already lol I feel like I say the same thing every time but tell him about my day, and I have only sent two pictures. I have gotten two phone calls as well the first one was 34 min because he was adopted by a family for thanksgiving he is blessed. And the second was 14 min.

yeah I'm still excited to get a letter haha and I can't wait for the next phone call :) My day always gets better when I get to hear his voice

Agreed! Getting to talk to them makes your day 1000X better, I got something in from my boyfriend but wind get it in until I get to school in the morning! His sister text me and said she had something for me from Jaret and she will bring it to school for me. I hope it my first letter!! He couldn't wait to get my address to write his first letter he told me when I talked to him on the phone last.

aww that's awesome! :)

Yes I hope you get your first letter in soon. As well! You should keep in touch with me! Feel free to ask me any questions or if you just want to talk I alwys get on here so message me!

aw thanks! :) Same for youuu

Alright girl, I'm Samantha by the way haha forgot to mention that!

Alyssa :)

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