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So today's the big day..I'm going to the drs to find out if Sonny & I really are expecting a little one. I haven't told him the situation just because I don't want him to panic,but I've kept my distance the moment I questioned whether or not this was real. He's been heartbroken that ive shut him out. But its the only thing I could think of doing at the moment. So I'm in the waiting room now,waiting for some closure I guess, so that whatever happens, Sonny & I can work together through this. Wish me luck ladies.
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Goodluck! I'm sure everything will go great and the best of luck to you both!

thank you :)
I actually got my results back & they were negative.Sonny & I will be just fine I'm sure,just gotta keep on keepin'

*keep on keepin' on lol

That's good to hear! I hope the best for you both through all of this. Feel free to contact me to talk about anything! My bf hasn't left yet for basic but he goes Tuesday for his test to see what jobs he can do in the Airforce and idk about anything else or people who can relate.

thanks again :)
Aww he's barely enlisted?message me!ill try and help with what I can :)

Yeah. He goes to take his test tomorrow to tell him what jobs he can do in the Airforce and he said next would be his MEPS but ok I will ! :)

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Good Luck :) I'm sure whatever the outcome, you guys can work through it together!

Thanks for the support love :)
I'm still waiting for the results.Its soo nerve wrecking

No probs:)
& yeah I bet is it

it is*