Open November 27th Before 9pm

I opened my third letter! Last night I was awake at 2am...and super stressed so I decided to open my letter from the treasure chest. As most of you know, my BF left me a treasure chest containing letters to open at various dates while he is away. Today was the 3rd letter and on the front it instructed me to open November 27 before 9pm...this is what it basically said...
Hello my love, we are going into our 4th week apart. Just remember that WE are going into our 4th week apart, but we are ALWAYS together. The way I feel about you cannot be torn apart by something as simple as distance. As long as we are both on this earth together then I know we will find a way back to each other. At 9pm exactly tonight I need you to go outside & look at the moon until them do not uncover the rest of this letter.

So, I waited all day and around 4:30pm he called me. It wasnt a long conversation but it was just what I needed and he told me that he had patio duty tonight, and that he would be outside when I was at 9pm [8pm his time]

9pm couldnt come soon enough. When i went outside just a few minutes before 9, panic set in. It's been snowing all day & the moon was no where! I started to tear thinking about how much work he put into this & of all nights I couldnt find the moon. Then behind a very thick cloud, I saw an outline & a faint light...the moon. I opened my letter and began to read....

Jessy, try very hard to picture me here with you, lets think of the same thing while looking at the moon together. [he told me the story of one of our memories at my brother wedding & said how he'd never seen a girl look so beautiful] He told me how in time he would fulfill all of his promises to me. I love you with all my heart, lookup at the moon take a deep breath; imagine me kissing you. I am here with you Jessy & more in love with you than ever. Just hold strong youre half way there. See you soon my love....
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4 Responses Nov 27, 2012

wow just read your story how amazing of him to leave those letter s

This made me shed tears. You have an amazing man that I'm sure loves you more than life itself. Dont know you all that well but I can tell you both were made for each other. Stay strong & positive throughout this wait for him. It's not easy, but he's a diamond in the rough,he's worth the wait & you need to remind him of that every chance that you get,just as he does by doing incredibly amazing & adorable things like this for you :)

That's a really special moment, and I'm glad you guys were able to share that together. Like he said, though you may be apart, you're always going to be together.

That had me tearing up!!! I hope everything flies by until you can see him again