Only 216 Days To Go! (:

So my boyfriend left for basic today and then he has. tech school right afterwards. He won't be able to come home and I don't know if I'll be able to visit him since I am still in high school. Any advice from other air force girls? I know I'm young, and he's young, but we both believe that God gave us each other and that we will be married someday. I've heard that this is the easy part. But I was wondering if you guys had any advice for me? I'm new to this.
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I'm new to this too so no worries. My boyfriend hasn't left yet for his training and I'm in need of advice too. If you ever need someone to talk to I am here.

Dont think people can stress the fact that you need to keep busy!lol
I wrote my bf daily & every letter i sent him woul come along with a picture i took of our favorite places back at home so that he wouldnt get homesick & just to keep his spirits up.& dont worry, i didnt get to see my man in the time he had in between BMT & tech wasnt until he surprised me at my doorstep my first day back at college lol. & im here if you ever wanna talk or vent...had i known about this site before,i think i wouldve handled the situation alot better,but im here now & all i can say is that although its very very tough being suddenly soo distant & cut off from each other,in the end,IT IS WORTH THE WAIT <3

Thats so sweet! I bet that was super exciting when he surprised you(: thanks for that. Its very encouraging to hear that. (: I definately know Im not going to take any times together or conversations for granted anymore!

Definitely :)
I wish you two the best of luck..I promise this all gets better,slowly but surely.
&amp; like i said,please feel free to hmu when youd like..i didnt get the opportunity to find this site when Sonny was off at BMT &amp; it really wouldve helped.But im here now :) lol Hope to hear from you soon :)

Just keep being strong and definitely keep yourself busy. I'm plunging myself into my school work, preparing more for college. Write to him everyday too :) It keeps you sane. Haha

Thanks!(: thats what I've been doing so far. It's so weird having him gone.

Yah but then you kind of get used to it after awhile :) I remember the first week I would always check my phone out of habit. Oh and another thing make sure to always have your phone by you because he'll probably call at random times once a week. It's kind of hard watching your phone when we have school but they will usually call at night :)

Thanks! Yeah. I learned that the hard way. He called once already but I didn't have my phone on me and I only didn't have it for like an hour. Needless to say, my phone is practically glued to me now :P

I check my phone out of habit too. A lot of random things remind me of him too. Things I didn't even pay any attention to before.

Yah I know right. How long have you guys been dating? :)

Only like 4 months. Which isn't very long, I know, but we've known each other for longer than that. (:

Oh okay yea that's what counts really :) I hate those couples now a days that talk for maybe a week and all of a sudden start dating and apparently they think they're soul mates. I just do not understand that. :p Yea my boyfriend and I started dating after months of getting to know each other first and our 2 year anniversary will be in April :)

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