15 Days Until He Graduates, 23 Until He's Home!!!!!!

I am in such an awesome mood just thinking about how close I am to getting to see him! (: Ahhh! Michael gets to come home the 22nd of December and stay until January 2nd, which is completely amazing! I am going to be the one to pick him up from the airport, and I've already bought a cute dress to wear that day. :P

I thought it would take forever for this to be over with, especially at the beginning. But now the days are flying by!! Now I'm just scared that tech school is going to be just as bad! /:
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Aww,you'll get to send the holidays in each others arms <3
Don't stress about tech..BMT is definitely a tough experience but it gets easier. When their in tech, they still do have a lot of responsibilitues & schooling to tend to that may take away from constant communication but its way better that having to wait for his one call every week,you'll see. They are more independent at this point but be understanding & concious that he needs to perform his best at tech & THEN when thats over & their stationed, wherever they may be,it gets alot better. I hear from Sonny(my bf) everyday & he sends for me since hes out of state. Its not easy being apart,but its definitely worth the wait when you truly love someone

I have faith you two will be in good hands <3
hope we can keep in touch.fell free to get a hold of me whenever you'd like :)

PS: I'm super happy that your finally gonna see him soon :)

Thank you so much! (:

lol, my BF doesnt graduate until January 3rd and I bought the perfect dress to wear that day! :) thats awesome though...so excited for you!