Afraid My Boyfriend Will Leave Me After Basic Training

I have no idea what to do. My boyfriend of a year and 7 months is leaving for Basic training in two weeks and our relationship suddenly took a turn. He decided to join the Air Force back in May of 2011 and I was complement overwhelmed and upset at first. I had just never thought of being with somebody in the military before. I'm more than willing to be there for him and support him but now he's starting to act different. We talk about getting married all the time and he tells me he wants to spend his life with me. However, today he said e needs a break. He said he just wants time alone right now to focus on basic training and getting ready to leave. The thing is, we still talk regularly, I still see him and we even have a date planed next week. He says he'll write when hes in basic and I'm going to his graduation. So it's not even really a break? I'm so confused. He says that hes just confused and genuinely not sure how he'll feel when he gets out of basic? And that's why he needs some time to think? Because he's not sure where I'll fit into his military life. I think he's just scared and worried of the unknown. I'm just confused. I'm so scared that when I see him at his graduation he won't love me at all anymore and won't want to be with me.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

yes,, your situation does sound confusing ,don't sound like he knows what he wants,, able to change his mind anytime,,,