Third Call

I finally got another call from my fiancé. I was pretty excited because it was the first phone call that I didn't miss due to work! I got so emotional, but tried to keep my tears in because I knew he's been going through a hard time being away from everyone. It didn't work, but it wasn't terrible. It was so great to hear his voice again. As much as I love listening to the voicemail (because it lets me hear his voice whenever I want), hearing him and being able to talk back was so much better. Can't wait until I get to hear his voice again. I hope I won't have to miss any more calls due to work!
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Yay that's exciting:) I'm happy you got to speake with your man!!

I was really excited :] 15 minutes goes by so fast though :[ I can't wait for my next call! thanks :D

Lol it really does go by fast, lol we sit around waiting for a week or multiple weeks for a fifteen minute phone call, kinda sucks but then again hearing there voice makes your whole week. Just knowing they are missing you as much as you miss them and that they are alive and okay makes it all worth the wait!

it really does. hearing his voice meant everything. can't wait for graduation to come. hoping the next month and 1/2 will fly by :] because as much as hearing his voice is the world, being in his arms again will be all the more better! i'm sure you can relate to the feeling. :]

Yess I agree lol hearing his voice is wonderful!! But to be in his arms will mean the world! I feel like all of this we go through make our relationships much strong! I heard from someone that God picks the strongest women and pair them with men in the military ;) I thought that was the cures thing! And so true all of my friends say "I couldn't be with someone in the military" I just smile and say well clearly I can:)


I hear that a lot too! We definitely are stronger than others, huh? :] This will definitely solidify our relationships with our men. Like you said, if we can make it through this... we'll definitely be much closer/ stronger as a couple :]

Right and will for sure be a great thing for your relationship because y'all are getting married! Lol

Yeah, I'm pretty excited :] It's been a long wait! :D Ready for it to happen!

I bet I can only dream for now! It will be exciting! When do y'all get married?

we're planning on getting the papers and stuff done after he graduates and then hold a ceremony once he gets out :]

Awe that is smart and will give you plenty of time for planning!

yup :] im pretty excited. how are you and your bf doing?

We are great thank you for asking :) I'm missing him like crazy that's normal though lol only 31 days

you're almost there!! :] stay strong!

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I got my third phone call today too! :) its so great to be able to hear their voices and know they are doing alright

It really is great. It's the not knowing that makes everything tough. I've missed the first two so getting this one was amazing. I'm glad you got your call today :]