Still Waiting...

My boyfriend left Tuesday, November 27th for bmt and I'm waiting for that first phone call.. I'm in a depressed mood I miss him like crazy... Anyone help!!!
Breppsboo21 Breppsboo21
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Hi! I'm new to this and I just have to say I already don't know how you do it not getting to talk to him and wait to hear from him. Did he just leave for training? I'm here if you need to talk. I need some advice about all of this as well.

It'll come. It seems like he either has a a mean TI or he just called a family member. Don't worry he'll get more time to call as each week goes by. My first call was 4 seconds and then it went to 3 then 9 minutes so once he gets more time I'm sure he'll call. They're especially busy week 0 and 1 so just have patience :)

right there with you, meant to hear from mine 48 hours ago and nothing going crazy, keep refreshing the screen in case a msg goes through