Christmas Present For Soon To Deploy Boyfriend

I've been trying to think of any amazing present to get my airman for Christmas. I wanted to get him something that he could actually take with him when he deploys soon. He already has a nook and a laptop. However, nothing that he doesn't have already and could actually have and make use of came to mind. Until tonight... I was looking through my list of things to send him in care packages while he's deployed and saw something that I had in the maybe section on my list. And now I have the perfect present for him- A SURVIVAL STRAP!! I have no clue why I hadnt thought of it sooner. He'll be allowed to wear it while deployed, it's useful it he needs the paracord and they have multiple military camo colors to match the different styles of uniforms used for different things in the military. Plus if he has to use it they'll send a new one. I love it I'll probably even buy some other so they can send them to troops already deployed. :)
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Sorry to ask but what is a survival strap?