What Happens After His Meps And Testing For What Jobs He Qualifies For. I Need Advice!

Hi everyone!

My boyfriend is going to take his testing on Tuesday to see where he qualifies for possible jobs he would do in the air force then he will be taking his MEPS sometime after that. I was wondering if any of you had advice for me about anything because I don't know many people around here who know how this feels or have gone through this. After he takes his MEPS, what else happens next? Do they usually go off to Basic Training soon after or does he still have sometime. Any advice would really help me. I am only 18 and we have been dating for a little over a year and Getting some clarification or advice would help. Feel free to comment here or you can email me, just ask :) I hope you all are doing good and keep your heads up and stay positive about what you are going through.
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We had a lot of time before Ron left for BMT. Some jobs require a long wait and others are quicker. For instance, the police job had a ridiculous waiting period.

What did he do? My boyfriend wants to be like a maintainance worker on cars and such. I don't remember it off hand.

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Hmm ok. My boyfriend wants to be a special vehicle maintenance worker or some where in that area. He just went for his ASVAB today and he said next week he does his MEPS.

If he is just now starting MEPS, you have time. :)

Yeah he goes next week! So hopefully we have time. He want to do vehicle maintenance so who knows when he would leave for basic

They will give him a leaving date. Ron got his leaving date three months in advance!

Wow ok. Thank you :) hopefully it's after the holidays.

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