One Month Of Dating Then Marriage?!?!

My AirForce boyfriend and I med a little over a month ago and I immediately fell in love with him!! We are moving in together in a few weeks and already discussing marriage! I am super excited because I have never felt like this in my life!! I feel like I have known him forever and he already knows everything about me. He has changed my life so much in a month and I can't wait to start building a future with him. I have been engaged before and been in a couple of serious long term relationships but never have I ever been so happy. I am wondering if anyone else out there has taken the plunge and married someone so soon and how it worked out. There are no doubts whatsoever about marrying this guy and I do not want to be given the lecture of marrying so soon, I just want some feedback and stories in return about other similar situations...feel free to comment, just as long as it's nothing negative, critical, or obscene...Thanks!!
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@ beccakb, yes, I am a home health nurse which works out good, because being in the medical field makes it very easy to find work. @ chavez09, I'm not really a "jump out and do something crazy" person either, but with him, I wanna do whatever it takes to be with him and I think that he will be proposing within a month too. On another note, Congrats on the (hopefully soon) future engagement!! I am excited about my possible engagement as well and I appreciate your comment and you taking the time to read my post!!

I can relate! My stories even crazier though because we haven't even met in person >.> I'm usually not that kind of crazy jump into stuff type of person. I'm very organized, scheduled, and structured and I always think about every consequence with everything. With him I feel like I've known him my whole life. I've talked frequently with his family and he has with mine. I know stuff about him that I'm sure he hasn't told many people, if any, and the same goes for me. We've been talking for a few months, first as friends, and then it got more serious. We didn't want to do the long distance thing so even though neither of us wanted to date anyone else or anything we barely made it official a couple weeks ago. From a bunch of stuff I've heard from friends and family I have a suspicion (very GOOD suspicion) that he's proposing when he gets back to the states in February and at first I was freaked, but now I want nothing more but to say yes if it happens, even though I know everyone around me thinks I'm being an idiot.

I have talked to him about it and he's not sure yet if he's going to re-enlist or pursue a job with the CIA. It's up in the air right now but since I came into the picture he is trying to make the best decision for both of us. Either way I told him the I support his decision and I will follow him as he pursues his career, no matter which way he goes. And yeah, he is very settled which makes things easier!!

That's understandable...not many people can!! He has been in for about 4 years.