Second Letter Way Better Then The First!!

So today I received my second letter from my love:) I got a card and teddy bear in the mail yesterday and came home today to my second letter! He said he likes how I write to him like nothing has changed, and I keep him posted on what has happened in the outside world. He said it makes him feel normal! And for graduation he wants a giant cookie :P our inside joke (I was suppose to make him cookies for his birthday in August and even to this day I haven't had a chance and for any big event I always say I will make him a cookie.) but anyways he said it is getting much better and he actually likes it. He also said that he is disappointed in the physical training part if the air force he said its to easy and he eats a lot of peanut butter so he won't loose any muscle or weight :) I can't wait to see my babe!! I miss him so much. Sorry I'm kinda venting on here! But who doesn't I mean we are all Someone's here and are all proud of what or Air force men do or women do!! :)
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So happy for you :] second letter! You're right you know. We're all someone with someone special in the AF, so don't feel bad for venting. It actually makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who feels the way I do, and that others can relate to me :]

Right! And I know I'm not the only AF Girlfriend who just loves to talk about her man and how great he is! And how long they have been together etc.

We're all just so proud to know such great guys, huh? Haha :] No, but in all honesty, they're all strong and courageous for serving our country, which makes me super proud.

Lol yes!! I know I'm a proud airforce girlfriend(:

Make sure to keep telling your bf that :] i'm sure he'll keep those words close to his heart!

Oh I do all the time! I write him everyday. And mail it before I leave or go to bed.

good :] I just talked to my fiance again today :] he told me the letters are what keeps him company. he says it helps him get through his day! i'm sure your boyfriend feels the same way!

I got another letter today from my man and a 5 min phone call. He feels the same way he said the letters is what keeps him going and that they make him feel normal again

i'm glad to hear! :] i'm sure he misses you and loves you so much!

Yes ma'am I love and miss him do much. I'm sure you feel the same with your fiancé! Only a few more weeks for you and him right?

I wish it was only a few more weeks. I still have a little over a month left :] it's okay though. as much as i miss him, i know he and I will see each other soon. Oh, and I definitely feel the same way!

Lol I say a few weeks I have a month today oh well 4 weeks sounds better them a whole month

hahaha yeah that's true. i have this calendar, and i've been marking the days off :] can't wait to see him!

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