Tech School=life On Pause

So I am finding myself getting pretty annoyed with my boyfriend. He has been in tech school for a few weeks now and it's better than when he was in BMT only problem is I get text messages after his classes or whenever he is done finishing whatever chores they have him doing. That's good if that didn't boil down to maybe four text messages a night which it summed up into" how was your day, oh good, that's good I'm going to bed, goodnight." If I wanted that superficial mess I would just talk to a male coworker. I never asked him to but he promised to call me every day. Surprise, surprise I haven't received a single call since that promise was made last week. I don't complain because I don't blame him, there's nothing he can probably do BUT that doesn't make the situation any better nor does it make me any less upset about the situation. I am tired of feeling like I have to put my life on hold waiting for him to text me a few sentences or for him to give me a 2 minute phone call, problem is I can't let him go either, cause when we are good we are really good, so it's like I'm caught on pause. I feel like things are building up but what is there for me to do? For example he just said the wrong thing and now I don't really feel like talking to him. Problem is I know that if he actually talked to me on the phone for a minute I would be over it if things were normal but no we are in this relationship he doesn't want to admit is a military one and I am constantly swallowing things so he doesn't get stressed out or have to worry about things that are pointless while he is just obliviously going about his life...Any suggestions?
serenityjade33 serenityjade33
22-25, F
Dec 5, 2012