Got My First Phone Call On Saturday And My First Letter Today!! (:

I've been reading stories about this since I first joined this site. I knew this day was coming soon. At least I was hoping it was (: I came home from school, jumped out of my wrangler, and ran to the mailbox. Granted, it was only a few feet away from where I was parked, but still.

When I opened it up, I'm pretty sure I squealed! I know I did a happy dance and sang, "I got a letter!" over and over again. My friend that was over thought I was crazy (: Of course, I don't care. He already knows I'm crazy and when I told him it was from Paul, he just rolled his eyes and went back to watching Gossip Girl. I cannot stop smiling and I probably won't stop dancing around the house until I crash tonight.

What was it like for you guys to get your first letter? (:
Dtwilliams Dtwilliams
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I got my first letter yesterday :) i was so happy i ran through my brothers room, with a big smile on my face and i told him i got the letter i've been waiting for. I really cried . I miss him so bad . I havent gotten any phone calls , but hopefully soon . Can't wait to hear his voice. :)

I squealed and the old people also getting their mail gave me a weird look lol :)

how long is he gone for?

He comes home July 2nd