First Christmas

I've been dating my boyfriend for a couple of months now. He is in the air force and stationed near my home town. He hasn't seen his parents in a year and will be seeing them this Christmas (I'm coming along). We are making a long drive to be with them and im pretty nervous. What do I get them? I don't know much about them, so I am unsure on a gift. My hometown has a really tasty chocolate store and I am thinking of bringing some chocolates for them. & maybe a gift card? Let me know if you have any ideas/stories to share. Thanks!
Eljayem6 Eljayem6
2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Chocolate is the perfect gift. I work at Godiva Chocolatier and I always get people Godiva when I don't know what to get them... in the past it's always won me major points with boyfriends moms lol

The chocolate idea is a good one, almost everyone likes chocolate. Just be yourself, and focus on getting them something simple. Not something flashy to give the impression that your trying to buy their affection