Just Received News About 1 Year Deployement

I'm new at all this.I've been dating someone for 4 months, fell in love, and was talking about marriage in the near future. Well about 4 hours ago, he received orders for 1 year and leaving next week. Someone got hurt so he has to take their spot. Although I've been in military myself, I've never experienced dating someone that has to deloy, especially for 1 year. That's like a short tour. He tells me to dump him but I can't. However, 1 year is a long time and I want a family so, I'm 34.
What do I do? Can he come home earlier than 1 year, is that possible?
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how long will he be gone?

when i spoke to my boyfriend who's being deployed in a couple days, he says that they will send u home early on the condition that your wife or girlfriend is pregnant and having a baby. You said you wanted to start a family, if its serious maybe you should seize the moment. We were trying for the short space of time i got to see him but no luck.