Feeling Really Down At Bmt Graduation...help Please :/

Hey everyone. I'm at my boyfriends bmt graduation right now. We've been dating well over two years and it was so nice to see him and hug him yesterday. I'm here with five of his family members and really just want time alone with him, and they offered many times to let us have some time together at the hotel. Well that happened for about five minutes today and it was nice but my boyfriend didn't want to stay alone together. It really bugged me and I understand that it's his weekend but I figured after two months he would. But so far although I'm so happy to see him I've been so depressed about what's coming next. Tech school, deployments, all of this is making me face reality. I'm scared and upset and don't know what to do or how to feel. I'm in college and am not used to being away from him, and it makes it even harder now that his life is controlled by the military. I don't know how to handle any of this. I'm feeling really down and depressed even though this should be one of the happiest weekends we have together. Please, any help would really be appreciated. I want to enjoy this but all I feel like doing is crying
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Unfortunately, that's the life. Time alone isn't always going to happen. Talking to him is going to be hard. When he does have time to call or see people he has family and friends to think about too. You just have to remember that it's probably very stressful on him that everyone is playing tug o war with his time. The hardest part about being a military significant is the fact that we have to stay supportive even when it's crappy from our side. Then once you get married you have to move every time they do or stay home when they're deployed and take care of stuff back home. It's a struggle, but if it's worth it to you then you learn how to handle it. You sort of get into a routine and learn to appreciate other things that girls in civilian relationships don't appreciate. It really builds your love.

Don't worry I know the feeling. I can only say he has been missing everyone so he wants the time with them because although your time with him is limited his time with them is as well. But it doesn't help with the feeling of frustration when he doesn't want to spend that alone time. My BF is in tech school now and it's a struggle with the communication I get only a few texts a day. I should appreciate it but I am so use to having him for hours on the phone. My suggestion for you although it's hard is to focus on this weekend that is what I had to do to get through that weekend. It's hard on you but it's harder on him so you have to be strong since it only makes it worse for him seeing your hurting. When it comes to tech school try to keep busy but available to get calls and text but don't focus on them or it makes things harder because you will be fixating which frustrates you and impacts your interactions negatively.