Me Matt And Mathias

so i wasnt with him when he was serving but now that he is home we are closer than ever. while he was gone he had a lil boy... he didnt tell me until right before we got together. i called to talk to him after he added me on facebook and then all of a sudden we got to talking about how bad i wanted him to come home. well little did i know that he was already home. so he told me that and then i asked him where he was. and all of a sudden there is random screaming in the background so i asked him what that was and he told me that he had a little boy while he was gone. then i told him that made me even more attracted to him.... i love kids i am the oldest of 11 children so the fact that he has a little boy doesnt bother me at all. we have full custody of mathias or as my sister calls him mattie. i love them both with all of my heart.
meggs1994 meggs1994
Dec 14, 2012