Been Waiting For His First Phonecall

My babe nick left about a week ago for his AF BMT in Texas .I recieved a phone call from him the next day he got there , around 5:30am but only for about 5mins. He didnt sound really happy , like in a bad mood and said cant stay in the phone for that long. So i was a bit frustrated . Then i texted him 5 mins after , telling him that although he sounded like he didnt want to talk to me, i'm still glad he did. He sent me a very long reply , saying sorry that he couldnt talk much cause they were being guarded and that he'll try to call whenever he can , together with his sweet messages that he'll always love me and come back for me . We've been dating for almost a year . I really love him . I finally got my first letter yesterday :) cant wait for his phonecall. But i read some blogs too , saying that once they get off from BMtraining , they get more serious and their attitude change in a way. Is that really true?
jhannaperez jhannaperez
2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I haven't found that to be true. He is so much his goofy, sweet self. I think he loses the b.s. bmt attitude he had during graduation ceremonies. They're sooooo serious and formal for a while ha. Then they're them. :)

I actually think it's easier after BMT.... but then it always depends on the person, their job, etc.