Blitz Romance, Then Deployment

I'm new to this whole blog thing, and to dating a deployed airman. We met when he was on leave for his gmas funeral, our moms work together. When we met I didn't care he'd only be here for a month, cause I didnt think id reallly like him. Soon as we met we clicked. We spent every day together. He's been in the usaf for 6 yrs, and he's been married. While married he got deployed for 6 mo and his wife cheated on him the whole time. So he's scared all girls do. When he left he wasn't clear about what he wanted to do, and hell be gone for 18 mo. I could deal with it, and I definitely wouldn't cheat but were still not clear on what were doing. I understand he's scared but I'm not his exwife. I'm worried and confused about everything. I know I can't be mad if he does anything with girls while overseas because were not technically together, but I don't want anyonewhile he's gone. But even though we've talked were still in a standoff over what were doing. Do we even stand a chance since we were only together a month? Has anyone else only dated a guy for a month then he got deployed? He's leaving his base in europe soon for Qatar and I'm worried to death. He's a plane mechanic, and is it true they are in a lot less dangerous? Even if we go to war? I'm scared and very confused about what were doing, I really need advice.
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

My husband is a mechanic too! He works on C-5's and C-17' s... according to him when they deploy it's relatively safe because they don't leave the base... We haven't gone through a deployment yet so this is just based off of what we hear. Best of luck though!!! And don't worry about only being together a month...if you clicked then you clicked! Just stay in Much contract as possible, you two can do it!!