Sunday Phone Call

So, I thought I would've heard from my boyfriend today. Is it possible that it's because it's his first week, or that Christmas is on Tuesday so he could call then, or that someone in his flight messed up so they all got punished?? Did anyone hear from theirs today?
lindy311 lindy311
2 Responses Dec 23, 2012


I heard from someone that they are supposed to get a phone call once a week, but only if the flight or someone in it doesn't screw up real bad. I still haven't gotten a call or letter either :(
I think they get Christmas eve and Christmas off, I really hope they can call us then! I got the scripted call the night he arrived, which kinda scared me cause he had like no emotion in his voice and he sounded like a robot lol. He was probably exhausted hah

Me too!! He left me some videos for me to look at on his computer that are of him, it's something but it's not the same as actually having him here :( I just want to know that he's okay and there treating him well over there. we've been apart for long periods of time before but not to the point where were on opposite sides of the country like this :(