Well I got a call from my man today which made my day i was the happiest girl ever. But then my dad decided to rain on my parade by starting to talk about where my man might be stationed he says your gonna have to realize he might not be stationed around where we live or even in the US. My dad ruined most of my happiness but i just keep thinkin i might get another call tomorrow. Where have all your men been stationed?
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My man used to be 4 hours away from me which I thought was awful but now he's in Korea for a year. Puts things in perspective. But I know it's difficult to be away from your love. Hang in there.

thanks im doing good right now but as you know there are those days where it just really sucks

I know exactly what you mean. I'm sorry. I feel the same way sometimes

its ok im pulling through cause i know in 28 days i will be in texas and a few days after im there i will get to see him, hug him and all that stuff. I always try finding the bright side of things

My boyfriend's MTIs told him he'd probably be deployed right after tech school :( The only thing you can do is just hope everything turns out ok. Keep positive!

wow im sorry i hope you get some time with him before he's deployed

I hope so too! We're from CT and I just recently moved to Florida so he's been freaking out about not being able to spend time with me

wow thats a big move and i dont blame him for freakin out thats a big transition to do

my babe got stationed in california at edwards afb.

My dad is like ight get stationed in germany or qutar or somewhere else over seas and this is just after i had the best phonecall ever i made it through the call without crying he made me so mad

he can request where he wants to go. so if he requests germany then he might go but most likely not. just enjoy ur phone calls and enjoy talking on here these people here really help they know what u r going through.

I'm gonna and I have come to realize that its great to not feel so alone anymore and its nice not going through this totally blind

ya no one in my daily life has ne clue what im going through or what questions not to ask... or why i am just depressed some days.... the girls on here get me it makes my days so much eaiser

Thats exactly how i feel likeeveryones like pull yourself together you get to see him soon... what they dont get is i have to come home without him and idk where hes gonna be stationed afterwards and if its far i wont see him for a while... it sucks but i glad people here understand me

my hardest thing is when my friends would tell me " o my gosh I dont get to see my bf for week" it made me so mad. the best advice i got was it is ok to cry and be sad.
Grant ( my bf) is my rock and idk where i would be without him. even now i only see him like once a month if that... but i just think about how things will be once we do get married.

Yeah that sucks and i keep thinking i cant wait to hopefully get engaged I couldnt imagine my life with anybody else but Kidanny (my bf) hes my life and hes my other half but it doesnt help that they dont know that part lol

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