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Hi! My name is Jordan and my boyfriend's name is Ryan. I've only known him for about 4 months and I already know he's the one for me. He has already expressed interest in marrying me once we both graduate college. Imagine my surprise when he tells me two days ago that he has decided that he wants to join the Air Force this summer. He had been talking about it for awhile but never seriously considering it. He says he still has time to think about it with it being only January, but I'm pretty sure he won't change his mind. I told him that I will support him 150% in this and I'm behind him every step of the way. In fact, as soon as he told me he wanted to join I hopped on the internet and googled for at least 2-3 hours any/everything I could find about the AF. That's how I found this group :) Y'all seem like a nice group of women who are down for their men and I like that. I know I have awhile until he enlists and heads off to basic, but if anybody could give me advice or tips on how to prepare for that, what to expect, what I can do to help him, anything, please don't be shy! Information overload is more than welcome :) Thanks in advance!
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Being a military girlfriend takes alot of patience and strength. It is not for everyone. You have to support, encourage and love him through it all because you are not the only one feeling lonely. Just remember that. It is a hard job but if you love eachother enough, you can make it. It will get easier after he is done with tech school especially If he is stationed close by. Like i said, it isn't easy but its worth it for most of us. Ive seen relationships fail. But Ive also seen them grow. I don't know if you are religious but i pray constantly and it helps keep me grounded

Thanks for the info! Everybody says it's hard at first, but it's worth it at the end. I've done my research and he is going to be in MS for tech school, which is pretty far from SC (which is where I am). But at least he'll be able to have his phone and we can always skype. I am religious so prayer is a definite way to go :) thanks again!

my bf graduated bmt in july and he graduated tech school in october. He is now stationed at edwards AFB in california I only see him like once a month right now. WHen he left I had a count down kiss jar till he came home and every night i got a kiss goodnight it made me happy!!!!
BE his biggest support, dont let him see or hear u cry u have to be strong and of course vent here. like everyone else has said enjoy every moment with him now time and communication will be limited and keep in mind after basic is tech school and that is at least another 4 months lolg...

awww, I like the idea of the kissing jar. Very cute! Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. It hasn't even started yet, but I can see this is going to be a long, hard road for the both of us. I'm glad I found this group, everybody's been so helpful so far.

Dont waste a second of the time you have together now cause once he leaves you get phone calls and letters for 2 months, its hard at first but gets easier and 2 months might seem long but it really isnt my bf left in december and hes already half way done, and the best thing i found to do is support support support if you cry in front of him its ok cause if you hold it in it makes it 10x harder when he leaves i always let it out when i had to cause i didnt wanna hide my feelings

Thanks! I've already cried a few times since he first told me. Communication is pretty much through letters right, give or take a phone call or two? I think that will be the hardest part for me. We're both in school together, we actually live in the same building, same floor, two doors down from each other. I know that's going to be a hard adjustment.

No prob. I have gotten 3 or 4 phone calls within his first month and yeah letters are your main form of communication. I know exactly what you mean me and my bf were together for over a year and the longest we were apart was 4 days and the longest we didnt talk was less then a day so it was really hard for me

I think the longest is four days for me too. Thanks again for the information! I will def be in contact with you, especially since your bf is halfway done with basic. I'm interested to know what life after basic is like, which you will be living soon. I really appreciate you responding!

Your welcome! I was happy to find someone that was there for me so i wanna be there for others. Definatly contact me whenever you have a question. Im interested to see how it will go too. No prob

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