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Today I dropped my love off at the airport. He's being stationed in South Korea for a year. We've been together for 10 months and although that doesn't seem very long, it's been enough for us to realize we want to spend our lives together. When we first met, he lived on Moody AB in Valdosta, GA and I live up in Atlanta. The 4 hours between us seemed terrible but it's nothing compared to being all the way across the world from him.
I cried a ton today on my drive back home from the airport and pretty much the whole time since then. I realize that this is one of the toughest tests we will need to endure. I just want this year to fly by. And I hope it gets easier as the weeks pass. I have relied on this group over the past few months, trying to make myself understand that I'm not the only one going through this and some have it way worse than me, but somehow that hasn't made it any easier to see him leave.
He has orders for after Germany about two months after he returns from Korea. Those orders are for 3 years and he refuses to go to Germany without me. Since Korea orders came in at such late notice we didn't have enough time to get engaged and such. But we plan to get married in that two month span between Korea and Germany. I can't wait to marry this man. He's been all I could ask for and more. My Prince Charming indeed.
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I can *** keep you company

ive been with my airman for 14 months. he is being sent to Korea for a year as well but not until march. He does get leave while he's there which made me so happy to hear! So hopefully your airman will too! Good luck with everything! Stay strong, keep your head up, and stay busy!

Thanks! Yes my guy gets some time off too. Mid-tour trip costs come out of pocket but it would definitely be worth it.

same here. he gets 2 1/2 days a month but he's gonna save up and come home for a long period of time cause he can't afford to come home every month!

Exactly. Do you know if its just at the six month mark that they can come home or is it anytime after that point?

I'm honestly not sure. he told me he was gonna wait eight months. but his MTLs don't always tell him all the info he needs to know so ill have to ask him again!

Gotcha. Please do let me know if you find out! If he came home at 8 months it'd be perfect timing for a proposal as a birthday present for me! ;)

I will let you know! and that would be so sweet! hopefully he will :)

so I asked my boyfriend and he said his MTLs never told him so I told him to ask! what's your boyfriends job?

Vehicle maintenance. Yours?

aircraft fuel systems. as soon as he finds out more info on leave ill let you know :)

Thanks girl.

no problem! where is your boyfriend stationed at right now?

He's in Korea already. Osan AB . Where is your airman now? And which base will he be at in Korea?

he's in tech school at Sheppard. In Texas. He graduates feb 6th then goes to korea in march. He'll be going to osan as well! Did your boyfriend find out about his orders to Germany before or after he got to osan?

Right before he outprocessed from the base here he found out about Germany. Maybe our men can meet up there. Cameron can show your man around if he knows the land by then. =)

that would be really cool. I feel so bad that he's goin to a foreign country! he won't be able to read anything! Lol and were hoping for Hawaii haha

Hah. I just wanted him to be somewhere on the mainland on the east coast so I could go visit anytime! But I'll take Germany. He won't go there without me so I'm excited about that! Hawaii would be awesome though!!!

yeah after Korea my boyfriend told me he's definitely takin me with him wherever he goes! :) I'm very happy about that lol. And Hawaii is one of the options so fingers crossed! Haha

Oh absolutely!!! That would be awesome! Sounds like we both have some good men looking out for us. =)

definitely! we're really lucky! what exactly will he be doin for his job? Like what kinda vehicle maintenance? Fuel, electrical, engine?

He works with all the base vehicles. The trucks and such. Pretty much anything under the hood. Mechanics work. It's what he's always been passionate about. What about your guy?

that's awesome! basically he'll climb into the little fuel tank on a place and make sure it's all cleaned out

Does he enjoy it? Personally I love being with a gear head grease monkey. He's kinda turned me into one too! Lol

haha that's cute. And he hasn't started just yet he's still in tech school but hell graduate feb 6th

Oh right you mentioned that earlier. How did y'all meet?

we both got hired at planet fitness at the same time. :) he was the first person I met there. We instantly hit it off. He was my best friend for a year and we started hangin out more and it became more than that. And he finally asked me out in November 2011 lol. How'd you an you're airman meet?

That's sweet! I had just broken up with a jerk and I made an impulsive trip to his base town because its also a college town. I went down to see a friend and we were at a bar. He was there with his best bud and tried some extremely cheesy pick up lines and they worked for some reason. We fell in love the same weekend. =)

that's so cute! now when we look back at when we were friends we think we were in love before we even started dating. We said I love you before we started dating but not often. About a week after we started dating I told him "I know we've only been dating for a week, but I really love you" and he asked why and of course I explained the many reason and he was so happy. He told me he loved me too :)

As! That's so sweet. You know when you know, right? Love doesn't work on a timeline.

you're absolutely right. I've been with him for a little over 14 months now and I've dated someone for four and a half years before. And the love that Alex (my airman) gives to me is so much greater. In 14 months he's made me wayyyy happier than the other guy did in four and half years. I wasn't happy at all. He was an a**hole. Alex treats me like a princess. It's amazing. Loving him.. I now know what true love is!

That is so sweet!!!! I'm so happy for you and Alex. It's the same for Cameron and I. The guy before him I dated for 4 years too. And I think after the first 6 months we were just together cause it was convenient. But Cameron and I feel how real it is. And these are the guys that are helping us realize what love actually is.

that's awesome girl! I'm really happy for you and Cameron too. being in love is such an amazing feeling. and knowing that the person you love, loves you just as much and would do anything to see you happy, just makes it such a greater feeling!

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