New Military Girlfriend And To The Forum.

Hi Everybody!

Today is my boyfriends first day at basic training. I'm not so nervous for the whole basic training aspect, but more of the what happens after basic training. I hate that I never know whats going on or where he's going to be. How do you handle the stress of never knowing?

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New Air Force girlfriend
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I sent my boyfriend a lot of letters it helps you and him I wrote him every day sometimes twice a day with just simple things what your day was like and stuff like that. :) It really helped me I hope it will do the same for you.

I'm such a nerd i was going to pre-write him a letter I wanted to talk with him so badly. But thank you for your advice! I have a feeling i will be writing him a lot :) hopefully it doesn't drive him crazy!

letters and short phone calls are the only thing they have to remind them of home :) It would never drive him crazy it just shows how committed you are to the relationship and being by his side :)

is he in Lackland, TX?

My boyfriend went to Lackland!! :)

mine is there right now! is yours? I haven't heard from him yet but his mother has just to get his address

He is not now he is at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas for tech school :)

My boyfriend left today for basic training too.. i am in the same position! All i know is that they go to tech school after basic. Are you going down to his graduation?

Hes going to San Antonio, Texas! Yes ma'am I am going :)

I will be going down too!

omg! thats nuts ! :)

yeah hey if you would like to email and talk my email address is

That would be fabulous! :)

i always check it so don't hesitate. I kno exactly what your feeling

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