?? :)

Does anyone have a boyfriend at Sheppard Air Force base, Texas???? :)
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Awesome :) Have you been able to go visit at all?? How long has your Airman been in tech school??

my boyfriend graduates in February as well. then he's goin off to California for a few weeks then he'll be in Korea for a year! @iluvmyairman0056 I don't really have an opinion lol as long as he's learning thing he needs to succeed I'm happy!

My Airman is finishing up his tech school right now... He has been at Sheppard since October for Aerospace Maintenance! He graduates this month!! :):):) What are all of your opinions about Sheppard and tech school?? Im always curious to see if other girls feel the same way I do, lol!

Aircraft fueling systems? I believe that's what it's called. He'll basically crawl into airplanes fuel tanks and clean em out lol what about your man?

thats awesome!!! :) He is in simple terms an electrician :) He is at school till February.

I do! :)

what is he at tech for :)