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I've been counting down the days, literally from the first day he was gone. I have 9 days until I catch a plane to Texas from Cali, and I have 10 days left until I see my fiancé's face. I am beyond excited. For some reason, I'm actually pretty nervous too! I haven't seen him in almost 2 months. 2 months for the two of us is like a lifetime. In the 6 years together, 7 years of knowing each other, the longest we've ever been apart was 2 weeks. Being apart for 2 months is like an eternity, especially since I haven't received as many phone calls compared to a lot of people. I heard during Christmas that all TRS got 1 hour phone calls, but they forgot about my fiancé's group. When they asked to make those calls, they were denied, even though it wasn't their fault (nobody screwed up or anything... someone simply just forgot to let his group make a call). I digress... Moving on.. I'm so excited for this trip! I'm trying to figure out what I should bring. If any of you guys have any suggestions as to what I should pack, please feel free to let me know :]
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Hey I guess our airman are graduating together I leave next week for his graduation too! :)

awesome :] aren't you excited it's coming up? I'm dying to see my man again!

Yes!! Oh my gosh I am so excited! :) Sucks about the PDA though I don't think we'll get any alone time! His parents wants to go to Sea World and everything when I know he wants to just stay at the hotel and rest. I really just want to hold his hand but we can't even do that :( but I am just so happy that I am just going to be near him again.

all i want is to hold his hand too! i totally understand where you're coming from. i think my fiance's parents are going to let him decide on what he wants to do, since we're there for him.... hopefully.. but yeah... try to sneak some hand holding in, maybe while you're eating? that's what I'm going to do! get some cuddling in the car or something :] i can't believe it's coming up. i'm super excited!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of WEEK 8!! :) I can't believe it! And definitely going to try to hold hands under the table lol. Just got news his parents are going to make him go to Sea World where he'll have to stand 6 inches away from me at all times apparently, because they don't want his little brother to get bored. Apparently we're flying over there just for his little brother's entertainment and not his graduation!!

I can't believe it's week 8 already :] so excited! i'm sorry you have to go to sea world :[ that sounds pretty lame. i mean... you've all been away from your airman for 2 months!

i hate the whole distance part of it... they should be more understandable since we haven't seen them in awhile :[ but i guess it's because of the whole.. we come second, job comes first.

maybe you guys can convince his parents to let you guys stay back while they go to sea world? especially if he doesn't want to go!

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so awesome that u will get to see him soon(: my bf told me that they should get a call on the weekends but maby not since u bf didn't): I see ur goin to Texas so I'm guessing he is in lackland? that's where mine is. good luck with ur trip in a few day(:

you might. i didn't get one last week.. i'm assuming because they were busy with beast week. i'm hoping he'll call this week.. it's nearing the end of his time.. so he might just be really busy :

also, with calls.. they're not always over weekends. i think out of all of the calls, one was on the weekend. the rest were during weekdays and at random times. make sure to have your phone on you 24/7 .. you never know when they'll call!

And yes, my fiancé is at lackland :]

write a lot of letters. you might not think it makes a difference but it really does! you won't get as many as him, but i'm sure he'll write you with a great amount of appreciation and love :]

definitely comfortable shoes I'm sure you'll do alot of walking if he decides to show you around base. I went with my boyfriends family and we'd drive around to different places and get out and walk.

thanks! i'm definitely going to bring comfy shoes :] how was the attire for graduation? i'm hearing mixed reviews.

I dressed casual. Jeans and a nice blouse. And I wore my boots but it was hot when I went in late November. Lol but it'll probably be a little more chilly now. But you definitely don't need to be really dressed up. Make sure your warm and comfortable!

thanks :]

no problem girl! you're gonna love it! its gonna feel so amazing to see him again!

i'm sure i will! i'm dying for the time to just pass so i can be there! i heard they're really strict on pda with little things such as holding hands... but i'm sure we'll find time to just hug and hold hands :] i'm just at the point where i want to talk with him again! is your airman in tech right now?

yeah no PDA in public at all. When you see him for the first time you can hug him and give him a kiss but it's gotta be quick. You'll definitely find time like in the car. When me and my boyfriend went out to eat on base we held hands under the table lol. And he'll get two days to be off base so if you guys are like at the hotel or wherever you're staying you'll have plenty of time to love all over each other! And yes he's in tech school right now. He's been there for a little over a month now. He graduated on feb 6th

yeah.. i'm definitely going to have to figure out ways to sneak a hand holding session :] thanks for the info!

only one month left of tech school and then you'll be able to see each other again :D how exciting :]

Welllll we probably won't be able to sadly. He could come home for RAP (recruiter assistant program) but his MTL told him he probably couldn't because he used his leave time for exodus. Exodus is when they come home for Christmas and New Years. Just in case you didn't know lol. But if he can't come home for RAP then I won't see him til he gets leave in Korea.. So about a year from now

i'm sorry to hear the news. maybe you can visit him? once hes stationed. i hope everything works out nicely for you. things are always so complicated when it comes to the military and loved ones :

unfortunetly I can't visit him at all. It really sucks. I just have to wait for him to come home on leave. Thank you I hope it does too. And your 100% right. It is complicated. And just plain depressing. I cry at the thought of not seeing him for a year. It's the worst thing. I would wish a military relationship on my worst enemy. But I always just think to myself.. It's gonna be great for our future

if you don't mind me asking, why can't you visit him? is it because of his particular job?

i understand the crying... i cried a lot and still do... as the significant other of our airmen, we have to stay strong because we never know when we'll be able to see each other...

i think about the future too. i mean... there are a lot of perks... so we should keep those thoughts in our minds when we think about our men :]

if you ever just need a friend to talk to, i'm here. i know it's hard to talk to others because they don't quite understand what its like to be in a relationship with someone in the military. it's nice to have others to relate to instead of just feeling alone.

I'm honestly not sure why I can't visit him. His MTLs never fully explained that to him. Ill have to tell him to ask. And thank you! I'm here for you too. It's very hard to talk to people about your situation that aren't in this situation themselves. They can't even begin to understand how hard it is

It truly is a tough situation to be in... granted there are many out there who have it worse, but we're experiencing what we're going through and people can't shoot us down for feeling the way we do. it's hard... and like u said.. nobody can understand what its like unless they're in or have been in the situation themselves.

I completely agree. So does your airman know what job he's gonna have?

i think he's going into mechanics? i'll have to double check with him during graduation... im just hoping i'll be able to spend some time with him... it's hard to not have him around

trust me girl I know! but when he goes to tech school he'll have his phone it definitely makes it easier. it's definitely still hard but it's awesome to be able to talk to him everyday!

i'm hoping thats the case. i read some stories where some girls were saying that they werent able to talk to their airmen during tech bc they were so tired and just ended up falling asleep when they got home... i'm hoping that i'll be able to talk to him everyday.. those stories were pretty discouraging.

I can't talk to him alllll day. I talk to him when he wakes up. It's an hour time difference so it's 0530 there and 0630 here. So i wake up and talk to him from like 0630 to 0800. Then he's in class and does pt all day. then he'll text me when he gets back to his dorm which can be anywhere between 1700 (5 pm) through 2000 (8 pm) sometimes later. And he usually goes to bed around 2100 (9pm) his time so 2200 here. Sometimes he won't go to bed till 2200 his time. Sometimes he goes to bed as early as 1900 (7 pm) his time. But be ALWAYS texts me in the morning and when he gets back to his dorm at night. Even if he goes straight to bed he would never go to bed without texting and calling me. Sometimes you won't get to talk to him much at all and it sucks. But you just gotta te yourself your lucky to be talking to him at all. They are not allowed to be on their phone while in uniform so if he goes place he won't be able to text you. My airman will sneak his phone if he goes some places lol like the library or they have like a big game room he'll take it there and text me. So hopefully your airman wil do the same!

thanks for the information. it helps :] i just hope i get to talk to him.. he's two hours ahead of me.. so even now ive been missing phone calls and it ****** me off.. just hoping for an occasional call.. doesnt have to be all the time.. just gotta know he's alright :] thanks again! im nervous about how its all going to turn out.. but hoping for the best always.

your boyfriend sounds like he loves you :] just knowing that he texts you and tries to sneak you texts, proves that he really wants you to know he's okay and misses you and loves you :]

you just gotta take it one day at a time. let things happen the way they're gonna happen and just work your way around the hard things. it's the military so there's not much you can do about the way things turn out. and thank you. he does love me alot. it's the best feeling in the world knowing how much he loves me. and little things like sneaking texts.. really shows me that he cares.

yeah... we'll always be second because the job comes first.

sad but true

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