Basic Training Communication

My boyfriend left for basic earlier this week and I am curious about the experience others have had with them being able to make phone calls and write letters during basic. When did you get your first letter and when did you get your first phone call?
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My boyfriend left on the second. I guess he's in a special forces flight group and I haven't heard anything since his three minute phone call to his dad week zero with his address. I've written seven letters and haven't heard anything yet. He hasn't contacted his family yet either. It all depends on the ti. I'm assuming my boyfriend probably has a rough one given the special forces route he wants to follow. I cry ALL THE TIME. Some days are easier than others. Keep your head up. I just try and think about how hard this must be on him and I'm lucky to be here and still have my freedom. Keep busy, easier said than done, I know. I watch a ton of movies and school and work keep me busy. I'm not a creative person, but I'm making him a scrap book for next Christmas that I'll fill with pictures of us and his graduation and some of our first date stuff. It makes me feel better to reminisce when I can't exactly talk to him. Letters are nice to write even if I know he might not get them right away or I might not get an answer soon. I can tell him what's going on and I can be as romantic as I want. Haha

My boyfriend left on the 3rd.. I haven't heard anything from him yet. His Brother told me he called his parents last Sunday (the 13th) and that he will get a 10 minute phone call every Sunday. So far everyone I've talked to says their first letters usually come around 3 weeks. Hopefully we both hear something soon!!

my boyfriend left me on january 2nd, and only was able to text his mom letting him know that he won't be able to call during basic. i just got his address from his mom today. i'm going to start writing to him, but that is all i can do. i'm scared. he's only been gone for a little over a week and i already find myself crying at random points in the day. i need advice and words of wisdom to here to guide me and put me in a better place.

I heard from my boy this week for the first time. He left for basic on the 2nd of January. He has to rotate calls between me and his mother (although I wish I could get them all) i have written him 5 letters since as well. But I have not gotten a letter yet.

Keep your chin up and stay strong! Time will fly :)

Thanks everyone :) you are all so helpful. I appreciate it!!

Well my boyfriend left the first of the year I have received two phone calls from him so far one one Saturday and one today basically the get one phone call a week and that could be any time so make you your by your phone at all times

I got my first phone call.. maybe the 2nd or 3rd week.. and i got a letter around the same time. I'd start writing letters right away and then when you get his address, just send them all. he'll want to know about every little thing.

I got my first call the night he got there but it was only like 5 min if that cuz he was giving me address but that week was the first 15 minute call and I wrote him everyday but didn't get a letter from him until about the 3rd or 4th week it all depends on the TI though and how well his flight does cuz if one person gets Introuble they all get introuble