Changes After Bmt

Hey everyone! First of all thanks for your advice so far. It has been so so helpful! I've been spending alot of my time reading many stories on the site..learning more about life as an af girlfriend. Quite a few stories said that the Air Force changed their man. I am so nervous that my boyfriend won't come back the same and we won't be able to get back to the relationship we had before. I don't want him to lose interest! Any advice?
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The military does change people. But most of the time it makes them stronger and more appreciative. Jacob sees me as his encouragement, his support system. That's all you can do. He'll love you more for it. It is a true test of your love for one another

Write to your Airman as much as you can and remind him of the relationship you had back home. My boyfriend has been able to write almost every night and I can tell he's still the same person. He writes about how much he misses me and about all the things we used to do together. They love getting mail so write as often as you can to him.

Try not to be negative: after all you will be his link with the normal, civilian life and he should love you more for staying by his side.

I am just as scared about that. I try my hardest not to think about it. But I am so worried he is not going to be the same funny, loving, carefree man i fell in love with.

Me too! This is a hard two month during basic waiting for him.. And I want it to be worth it!

same! I personally am a little overweight. So I have been trying to lose weight so I can surprise him. But I am so worried that he may not see me as a priority anymore after this. BUT we can't think like this! We have to just have faith in our men :)