Six More Days Till Lackland :)

The time passed so slow, yet so fast. All I can say is I am so excited, but sad the time is so short! I am glad BMT is almost over, and I will be able to talk to him whenever he can. It's kind of bitter sweet though, I know I sound ungrateful for saying this, but it's kind of upsetting that it'll only be for a few days and then he'll be gone again :( and then he'll be back, and be gone again. Still, it's over one more year till we actually start our life together, I have to finish school up first and then I can join him. I know this is going to be a hard journey, but I know he's worth it.
AndrewsGirl08 AndrewsGirl08
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

i totally understand how you feel about the time being so short.. esp since we can't really hold hands or hug or whatever much. at least we'll get to spend some time with our men :] i'm trying to not think about the goodbyes and just look forward to the time i get to spend with my airman.

we have tuesday and wednesday to get through and then we'll see our men again! we're almost there!