He's Leaving

hello everyone,i am very new to this whole airforce thing so i need your advice. Here's my story: When i met my boyfriend it was a few days before he left to sign his contract with the airforce at first that didnt matter because i didnt know him that much. We ended up falling in love and have been dating for a few months now. Now hes leaving for basic in 2 months and i dont know of our relationship is going to survive. I love him to death and i really hope we can get through this. Can anyone tell me their experience about being an airforce gf. I know i met him knowing he was going to leave but a huge part of me doesnt want him to,i know its very selfish of me. Any advice?
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Well this was me a little over a year ago, I knew my boyfriend was leaving but I still dated him. All I really have to say is to not worry. These are going to be some very hard moments for both of you but if you truly love each other it will work out. He needs you now more than ever, trust me. Just always remember to support him along the way. You'll be his motivation to keep pushing hard every day. My boyfriend told me how him and his buddies would talk about how awesome it was to know that they have a girl back home who is waiting for them and loves them. Just be there for him and eventually I don't want to say you get use to it because you never do get use to them being away but you will learn to cope with it. Your relationship will turn out so much stronger. And trust me there is no better feeling than being in his arms after not seeing him for a couple of months. So in the end there is a huge reward. Oh and always keep your phone at least on vibrate because they call at random times and you DO NOT want to miss an opportunity to hear their voice even if it is for only 33 seconds. Please if you are ever having trouble feel free to reach me :)

That's how it was for me. Since the start of my relationship, he told me he was going to go into the AF but I thought it would be later, much much later. My family hasn't had a military background for a couple generations now so I had no idea what it was like and always thought some other family, some other girl would send their loved one off and I wouldn't have to ever be in a long distance relationship. I then gradually realized how much I really did love him and how much he is worth it. I mean, finding a guy who believes in his values so strongly he is willing to die for it? Where can you find a man like that? At first, I was selfish and only thought he was the selfish one for leaving me. So he went to college first and dealt with being a full time student having a full time job. He couldn't do it and so he enlisted (he planned to go to college first and enlist when he had a degree.) I was so devastated, we broke up for a little and I realized I cannot give him up. I cannot give up someone I can't got a day without thinking about. I knew he was worth it. My advice to you is if you truly love him, it is the best decision you will ever make to stay, if you don't, then it will be the best decision if you leave. So far, living without him, not being his, is far worse than not being with him for a couple months.