Hey all! I got my boyfriends address to send him letters during basic. What should I write about? I wanna write everyday so he always has a letter to read to hopefully make him feel better. What do you guys write about in the letters you send? I don't wanna say the same things over and over.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

When Christmas came around, I updated him each night on what came on ABCs 25 days of Christmas. Is there a favorite TV show he likes? :) maybe try to tell him about the episodes, my trainee said he really liked reading about my day, what's changing here at home, school, how his dogs doing, because it distracted him from training for a bit. I told him about the news too, especially Hostess closing lol. Just connect him to the real world and talk about memories. Your letters are his connection to home. One thing is (you don't seem like the type but just in case) PS&E only, positive support and encouragement :) He already feels incredibly guilty leaving for a couple months so just assure him you're okay and you still love him! Oh and no stickers on the envelopes unless your AB likes push ups!