Leaving Soon...

Hey all! I'm new to this whole situation, like a lot of posts I've read already. I figure joining a group like this can really help, knowing other people are going through what I'm going through or have been through it and have advice.

My friend dated a Marine when he went for his training, but I think that's different as they weren't together as long as me and my boyfriend. We've been together for two and a half, almost three years (though we did break up for a short amount of time due to him cheating, which might be why I'm so scared about him leaving (not that he'll cheat, but that he'll find someone else or something like that), but that was two years ago, and nothing bad like that has happened since).

When we were first dating, my boyfriend worked during the summer at a boy scout camp and barely got any time or service to talk, which I hope will help me while he's gone. He leaves on Tuesday and I'm totally freaking out! I don't know what to write, and I've already found myself crying the past week (he came to spend it with me up at school and every night I've cried) for just about any reason. I'm a really emotional person, and I cry at the drop of a dime for varying reasons (see: Disney movies).

I want to be strong for him, cause I know he needs the support. He reassures me and helps soothe me by saying that he's coming home to me and that he loves me. We've also talked about the future and the long-term of our relationship, too, since that will affect where he's stationed (he's doing Security Forces, so I predict he'll be able to go just about anywhere on any base as long as they have an open spot). I'm head over heels for my man, and I want the best, and am so proud!

Just wondering what advice people have?
lovessilversong lovessilversong
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013