My boyfriend left for basic training last Monday, I was curious when I was going to hear from him. I've written letters but I don't know where to send them yet. When do I get his address so we can start writing to each other?
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it took about two weeks to hear from my boyfriend for the first time. he texted me and was able to call me a few minutes later. I got a letter the next day. that's when you'll get his address cause you'll right to the address he wrote you from. the first few weeks are the hardest. when you finally hear from him it'll get easier. it will not be easy.. I won't lie to you. but it does get easier. my boyfriend was able to call me every Sunday. sometimes it was for only a minute. sometimes it was for 20 minutes. no matter how long it was it was still a great feeling. I know waiting for the first letter and phone call will feel like forever. but never give up hope that he will write or call. HE WILL! trust me. he's thinking about you nonstop hoping you'll still be there for him. so when you finally hear from him and are able to write him reassure him during every phone call and in every letter that you will always be there for him and you'll wait for him no matter what. that's something that he will absolutely need to hear!

Thank you for the advice! he called yesterday. It lasted a minute at most but it did put me at ease and I'm ecstatic that I finally heard his voice! One week down..7 or so to go!

at first it'll feel like it's taking forever but before you know it you'll be at his graduation and in his arms again!

its going to take a few weeks. :) Don't worry - you will have us to talk to while you wait. Don't stress, he will be fine... but they are really hard on the guys for a few weeks. All about building pressure and breaking the men down so they can build them back up again.

Thanks : this is harder then I thought it would be

You will be ok. Speaking from experience... the first few weeks are the hardest - then it gets better. Promise!

Thank you :)